I just don't know any more!

I went to see the pain psychologist yesterday. We had a very long meating and she asked me loads and loads of questions, which i found very hard to answer and did get a bit anxious and animated, then the tears came.

Anyway at the end of the meeting, she said she thinks there is a very strong chance i have ADHD, and hearing problems, and that i should follow up on them with my GP.

It's sent me into a bad depression today, cos yesterday i brushed it off, but today i think she may be right. My IQ is above average, yet i struggled alot to revise for my exams at school. I would read the same paragraph over and over and it just wouldn't go in. It still happens now, but i just close the book, or laptop and go and do something else, obviously it wasn't so easy when i needed to revise. I left school with grades far below that of which i was capable.

My memory and concentration have always been poor, but i put it down to my fibro and mental health problems. And quite often, if i have something i really want to say, i find it very hard to wait till someone has finished speaking. I guess you could say i'm impatient.

I often am trying to do a number of things at once, as i can;t seem to focus on just one thing. It gets very annoying, as i never really get anything finished.

And as for the hearing, i didn't think there was anything wrong in the slightest. But the more i think of it, alot of people say i speak loud, but it doesn't seem that way to me. Also, alot of noises seem to irritate my ears, and i'm often asking people to repeat things, as they are mumbling.

I just did a couple of basic online hearing tests (for a rough idea) and they all said that the results indicate there could be issues with my hearing and to see an ENT specialist.

I already have chronic sinusitis, so maybe it is to do with that?

I'm really freaking out now!

I already have fibro, BPD, depression, anxiety, OCD, social phobia, chronic sinusitis, asthma, eczema, vertigo, IBS, hiatis hernia, and waiting to find out if a have coeliac disease or a severe gluten intolerance (there's probably other things i can't think of right now as well!)

I really don't know if i can handle ANY more diagnosis's. I'm so fragile right now, with very little support around me. I feel like one more thing will break me.

I just don't know what to do

I’m so sorry to hear that you have to go through all this. I honestly think that this may be why I don’t go to the docs that often. That and the fact that then I feel like a hypochondriac when they can’t find anything wrong. I hope you try to stay positive even though I know sometimes it’s hard. (today especially for me). Just try to stay optimistic, and at least you’ve found this website for support. This seams to be the only support I have as well, so just know that you are not alone.

Hello Purple Crystal,

You are so young to have so much going on! I think you started at a good place by talking to a professional. They give good advice, can help you to untangle the mess, and can usually work very well with your Dr.

Sounds like you are experiencing what is known as 'fibro fog', mine gets very bad sometimes. Having an aversion to loud noises, bright lights that is all part of it too. It is my belief that if you get some of the other things under control then the Fm symptoms will abate.

Check out the Anti-inflammatory diet, it may be something you want to start to use a little at a time, as food allergies always seem to play a part in this.

A chiropractor or massage therapist may be able to help you also.

By all means don't get overwhelmed, don't give up. Have your good cry, and then start your research. Knowledge is power, once you know what you are up against, you can better deal with it.

I have Grand daughters your age, and they know they can come to me, so can you.


Wow you were hit pretty hard by this counselor! That is a LOT to take in all at once!

One thing I will say is that just because she says it doesn’t make it so and frankly I think she is lacking in empathy and common sense. She is supposed to be there to help, not run you over. I’m feeling angry that she lacks compassion. Also, she really could be jumping to conclusions and you just met this woman!

You asked what to do so I will give my opinion. Investigate other counselors and try someone different. I really am infuriated at this dialog you had today - and will be hoping to hear back that you found an alternative. :slight_smile: (and/or letting this lady know the impact her words had on your well being)


Thanks Rebecca, it means alot :)

And i know what you mean about feeling like a hypercondriac, as i feel the same. I get so much anxiety about going to to see docs, as i always worry they won't find anything, and just think i'm being a drama queen. But i still go anyway, cos i know i have a right to be treated, and i'm not a hypercondriac. And neither are you, so please don't give up on docs, remember they are paid to help you, they aren't doing you a favour (i always have to remind myself that!)

Hiya SK.

Yeh i used to just put it down to fibro fog, but now i'm realising that she is right and it's probably more than that.

I can't get chiropody or massage therapy on the NHS, and i'm already paying private for psychotherapy, so can't afford to pay for anything else :(

So what's the anti-inflammatory diet about in brief? I've never heard of it. Does it contain any gluten, as like i said i can no longer eat any form of gluten, which in itself is getting me down!

Anyway thanks for all your advise :)

Hi hun.

I think maybe i didn't explain it right. She's not a counsellor, she's the pain management psychologist at my local hospital. I had to see her first before the pain management fibro team can offer me any courses or other help. I've been waiting along time to see her, and it was only a one-off appt.

I already have a mental health psychologist who i see once i week.

I must admit the pain psychologist lady actually was quite compassionate to me, especially when i cried. And part of her job is to tell me if she thinks i have other issues going on besides the fibro.

Like i said, at first i fobbed off what she said, but since then it has all feel into place, so i think she maybe right. Though obviously i will still get checked with my GP after the weekend.

I know she has only meet me once, but it was a long intense appt, and i must admit she already seems to understand me and my situation better than any of the docs.

Tbh, i have wondered in the past if i may have ADHD.

Please don't be angry at what she said to me hun, it's not her fault. I don't blame her, she's not what i'm upset about. I just feel very deflated to know that there could be even more going on than i thought there was. Everytime i get another diagnosis, i feel my life fall apart more.

But having said that, i would much prefer to know, than not know.

It's just i've had a VERY tough week, and that was just the final straw, that's all. But i'm a bit calmer today :)

Anyway it's lovely to know you care so much. Hope your ok xx

Back at ya Purple,

Anti-inflammatory deals with gluten, dairy, nightshade, nut and other things that can cause a myriad of problems, as many people are allergic to them. Start with one, like gluten, eliminate it, see if that makes a noticeable improvement, then if you like you can continue, or at least be more aware. Some people keep a food journal to help them keep it straight. If you just 'google' anti-inflammatory diet you will get tons of info. I also have PsA and many of the folks on that segment of Ben's Friends are having good results with it.

Even the type of cooking oil you use can cause big problems, the expeller oil is pressed rather than using lye and other chemicals to extract the oil from the vegetable. Again the health food store, and there are always hip young people working in these stores, going there is always a good experience.

Hey, Domino's and Papa Johns make gluten free pizza, many grocery stores, even the small ones, carry gluten free breads, snacks and sweets now. You just have to start reading labels, some of that could even be done online. Just google gluten free foods, you will see tons of stuff that you like! Health food stores have even more and have books and magazines, and they always have a vitamin guru around to help you with anything. They are very wise.

As I told Sunflower, my GP, who is also an Internist, told me when he diagnosed me with FM, that that means it is the beginning of a diagnosis. My Rhematologist told me that FM is a condition, not a disease, it is caused by chronic pain, that constant pain changes the brain, and causes pain everywhere. You have to find the cause of the pain to treat the FM. Just the gluten can be causing much of this, the biggest problems with these grains is that it gets moldy. Mold is toxic!

ADD and ADHD can be helped and controlled with diet also, so google that for more info, something like food help for ADHD, again lots of sites will be available to you. There is also much wisdom and support here, and hardly any of us can sleep, so there is just about always someone here.

You are surely on the right track, we all break down sometimes, you just can't help it! You are on the way to getting this straightened out, you just have to keep going, and get busy learning a new way to eat, by all means read the labels!!

Good luck, let me know how it goes!

Big soft hugs,


Yeh iv'e been eating gluten free foods for about the past 6 weeks now. I know they do cater for it in the supermarkets, but the food is sooooo expensive, i'm struggling to afford it! (hence why i am having the coelic test, as then i can get some foods on prescription)

Bread is 5 times the price, and i don't even really like the taste of gluten free bread!

Doing my online grocery shop is taking me like 10 times longer than it used to, as i have to go through the ingredients of every bloody item, to make sure it doesn't contain any wheat flour or anything (as so many things do that i didn't think would!). I couldn't find one single stir-fry sauce (fresh or tinned) that didn't contain gluten. I'm just finding it very tiring, and hard work, tbh!

Some local restaurants do cater for gluten free, but the take-aways don't. And since my social phobia has me virtually housebound, it's awkward.

Coming off the gluten has made a massive difference to the pain in my stomach, intestines and bowel. Though it hasn't changed the over all fibro pain at all :(

Oh and i'm not sure what expeller oil is. But i always use extra virgin olive oil, rather than vegetable oil or sunflower oil.

I must admit, generally i am quite good with food and drink, and noticing what doesn't agree with me, and staying clear of it. I did used to have a bad diet, and a binge eating disorder a few years ago though.

Anyway thanks again hun :)

You are on the way, babe! You may spend more on food, but perhaps less on medical soon! I am glad that you are noticing a difference from the diet change.

I had to look up the test, (wikipedia) but sounds like they were wise to do it, bottom line, sounds like you need a good probiotic to clean out the small intestines. They can help you with that at the health food store too. May be easier than a bunch of meds. It is caused by grains, wheat, rye, barley.

Brenda Watson has a segment on youtube about how to choose a probiotic.

You are such a pretty gal, so nice to talk to, you need to work on getting out into that beautiful country of yours and meetiing some people, they would adore you!

I am nearly home bound because of my back from bone and joint damage of PsA, and I am really sick to death of it. Riding in the car kills me as I am loosing the SI joint, the shock absorber of the spine. I have always been social, worked with the public all my life, now I rarely go further than the grocery store or the Doctor. Started Enbrel, a biological drug, am hopeful of getting some relief.

Life is a struggle, but we have to push on, it has some beautiful moments!

There is a rice cracker bread in the health food stores that is delicious, I went gluten free for a while, did not help, but it was a good try, did steer me into better eating.

Talk anytime!



Aww that's nice of you to say, thank you.

I'm sorry to hear of your problems. I know what you mean, every time i have left the house this whole year, it has only been doctors/hospital/psychotherapy etc. I even have to get my food shopping online now. I was like you were, years back i was a lot more social, and used to work in shops and pubs etc. I've been signed off work for a few years now.

Oh and i don't have to pay for medical as we have the NHS, and i get free prescriptions as i'm on long term disability. So annoyingly i'm financially a lot worse off having to pay for the food, than i would be the meds, lol!

I am a bit relieved though, as i would prefer to change my diet, than keep popping pills!

So glad you feel better today :slight_smile: sorry I got spun up!

Hey Sunflower!

How are you doing today? You have just been to too many frustrating Doctors, and other so called health care professionals! I could have shaken the socks off more than one of them, believe me! Hope that you are having a good one today!


Well kid they had better watch out when we get to feeling better, of the many things I have done, mixology was one of my favorites! I have many British friends, and your drinks are a lot less complicated than ours, it was great fun in my younger days, made money hand over fist back on the 1980's, and danced the night away more than once, then went into sales.

Yes, agreed, rather change diet, and surely rather work than be saddled with ills.

Try to enjoy as much as your young life as you can, it goes by in a FLASH!

Thanks for asking! I’m in a lot of pain and am getting a joint injection Monday. I think that having two sprained knees from falling has caused the right SI joint to flare up. Please keep me in your thoughts…

I prefer having this done in the hospital but I’m seeing a doctor who does it in the office and sends you home. It seems a bit primitive but it worked last time.

Is this pain management? Do you have arthritis of some kind? Could it be spondyoarthritis? Surely I have butchered the spelling of this, but I have learned that once you go out of this screen then you loose your text. That is the PsA that gets the SI joint, which is what is tearing me up!

I hope you get some relief, any kind of trauma can really send you into space.

My grandmother was very wise with home remedies, and this one I still use today for sprains and bruises and it is CHEAP! Witch hazel, get a couple of bottles, wet a wash cloth with warm water, wring it out, pour the witch hazel on and lay it on your knees wrap them with a cloth or towel and let it draw some of that soreness out, leave it on as long as you can, the longer, the better. I know it sounds too easy, but it will really help you for a sprain.

Hope the shot works again, we have to do what we have to do!

Be better!


Hi there - not sure if it’s spondy? Arthritis but I’ll ask

Supposed to b pain mgt but I say it’s torture! The needle has to be super doper long

I haven’t called the docs you sent me. Do any of them do joint injections using the X-ray guided injections?

So sorry to hear you are in this position however remember that s doctors job is to diagnose…I’ve had doctors tell me look into conditions and diseases that I could have but I decline. We all lose focus…how easy can one focus when they are in a state of constant pain? I lose focus all the time but I’m not adhd…I’m just in pain. I think that a doctors word can send us looking for symptoms that we may very well have but not all symptoms is a disease…you kno. Maybe you do have hearing problems or adhd but what u described abt urself is me as well…I listen to the tv on Super loud and find it hard to hear ppl sometimes very seldom though but other times I am fine…if we opened up a medical book with diagnosis I’m sure we’d all find about 30 diseases the book say we have…dont stress yourself out…I’m not saying docs are wrong but a phd doesn’t mean they ate always right either…

Ditto on the torture, although I was in so much pain last month, I considered going back and I swore I never, ever would. That is when pain meds were doubled, the Rheumy said "oh no, no, no" to me telling him that, and the Enbrel was started after sulfasalazine gave me stomach ulcers, then on to the methotrexate, that gave me blisters all through the inside all over the outside of my mouth, and neither one did a thing to make me any better.

GP said I should have been on Enbrel all along, Rheumy said had to start at the beginning for Insurance purposes.

No, been to 5 pain management Drs, not too sure I'll make any referrals there! I will just not allow anything invasive anymore, just makes me worse, crashes me. But it helps some people, so you have to do what works for you.

I will tell you that it is my opinion that you can really hurt yourself after you are numbed up as pain lets you know when to slow down and stop.

Let me know how it goes, and take it easy, no more falls!


So true, it really does!

Like they say - you are a long time dead (morbid i know, but to the point)