I just don't know any more!

Thanks, and no worries i do that all the time hun, lol x

Aww there's me coming on here thinking i had loads of comments on my post - then i realise you 2 cheeky monkeys have hi-jacked it! Hahaha!

Only messing, carry on :)

Well mine's about more than fibro fog, and loosing concentration. Like i said i couldn't even revise for my exams at school it was so bad, and i'm exactly the same now.

Everyone's entitled to their opinion obviously. But from my experience - I think that they can sometimes miss diagnosing things that they should of picked up on, but never has it be the other way round.

She didn't send me looking for these things, as i have been well aware of them for along time before i went to her, but just wouldn't confront it.

With all respect, it's upto you if you wish to go against your doctors wishes; but i want to be better than a currently am and fast, so i'm gonna do any tests or anything they want me to do, whether i think they are right or not. But as it happens on this case i think they probably are right.

Sorry if my reply seems about harsh, but i'm feeling a bit attacked.

Hey, we surely got this ball rolling, girlfriend! Ha!

Hey, we have all been through so much personal hell, and it is so easy to get wound up! Look at all the support you have here, and I didn't think you all with FM talked much!!! LOL!!

Hey flower,

I hope you know I meant the witch hazel for the sprained knees, God knows if it could help the SI joint, I would be manufacturing the stuff by now!

Let us know how you are when you can


I was or am not telling you to go against your doctors wishes. . .you stated it sent you into a bad depression so I wanted to share my thoughts on how docs can throw things in our faces and that can get us thinking and over thinking and stressing at yet the thought of another diagnosis and maybe that would help you to not think so much about it to get you depressed until you knew for sure..it was not an attack just my blunt observations of doctors and how loosely they can want to add more medications to the cabinet especially when I have experienced it. anywho I do hope you feel better at some point in your life, I'm new to the site and wanted to send some good thoughts your way, sometimes things can be taken out of context quite easily. No worries my attempts shall not pass this way again as I am not attacking. . . .take care and gentle hugs. .

Hey girlie,

How are you doing today? Feeling any better since yaking with all of us 'cheeky monkies'? LOL!

I wanted to check on you before attempting another sleep segment, we share many of the same health problems and are pretty much homebound, so we may just become BFF's on here!!

Just wanted you to know that I'm pulling for you, feel better soon!


How are you purple chrystal ?

I’m so sore after 2shots in my SI joints.

How was your day?

How are you flower, did you get numbed up? I know it hurts terribly to get them, but hope it soon makes it worth it.


I believe I said I was going to post a link to some GF info so here goes dahling


The lady has a great book which has helped me a lot. I am going to try and scan some info for you as well.


One question for you - can you ask for a trial of Adderall? If you have ADHD this will help and it will help fibro fog as well. Just a thought my dear friend!
(btw my brother has fibro and ADHD and Adderall is the only med he takes)

Hey cheeky monkies! I survived the shots in the arse and am suffering like I got punched in the butt by a rabid animal. Let’s hope the pain was worth the humiliation of having pictures taken of my arse! The lidocaine wore off and now it hurts like a $&@/; !!!

Think the hazel would help my arse SK?? Lol. Now they want to inject my knees from the fall. The saga continues!

Yes but it stinks when the lido wears off!

Wondering how this night creeper is gonna sleep tonight! Lol

I’m a wilted flower at the moment. Lol

This weather is not helping us one little bit, am ready to turn on the dehumidifiers and the heat, dig out the winter clothing! I took narcotics last night and slept, really slept, because if it is the pain keeping us awake, nothing else that I have tried will allow you to sleep.

Hope you are on the mend.


I am the same way! I catch myself re reading things over and over again. I’m forget everything and can’t remember even a phone number. So annoying. I feel as though i have a lot wrong with me at a young age also. It can make u feel very low about ur self at times. I read a quote the other that has been stuck in my head - " if we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s,we’d grab our back". I’ve learned through maybe difficult times in my life to try to stay positive. Hope any of this made me feel a little better. Have a good night

Hi Kaitxo,

We seemed to have lost track of Purple Crystal, but hopefully she will be feeling better and back on with us soon. I am wishing her good things, like an unexpected steamy romance! Hear that? LOL!

Staying positive is a big chore, at any age, but we have to let it out sometimes, and do all we can to stay as well and as happy as we can. I have heard that quote as well, guess we need to put that in writing on our bathroom mirror.

Surely is nice to have this site to talk to others with the same aches, pains and feelings. Not everyone understands or wants to.

Take care of yourself, talk to you soon, Kaitxo and you too Purple Crystal!


I’m pretty sore and miserable. Only made it four hours at work today before my head started spinning and it was too painful to sit.

Hope you had a better day. And I’m wondering what happened to purple crystal?

Wilted sunflower