I know this is weird!

I know this is weird and I have been putting off asking because I'm new and don't want to seem to weird. But, here it is. I have experiences of what I can only describe as a sensation of something crawling on me. It only last for a few seconds and usually on my lower legs. Sometimes starts at the top of my feet and does like this swirl around my ankle or back of my calf. I know I feel this sensation on other parts of my body, and I'm trying to keep track now so that I can ask others about it.

Also, in Jan. of this year I was sitting at my computer and started having many of these sensations. They were followed by what I thought was an electrical shock. I know this is all weird but having fibro is weird! I also will understand if no one else has felt this crawly stuff. It’s even hard for me to concentrate on these feelings, I mean sometimes I wonder what is the use. But I guess now that I may have "Fibro Friends" I might get in touch with these things and ask others if they are going through the same.

Yours Truly Silent

Hi Silent,

As far as I know the creepy crawlings is a common fibro thing ( or at least that’s what I was told) your not alone!
I used to get them often, I would I slap my leg or arm thinking it was a mosi or ant lol
It drove me mad until I found out it was just the usual fibro weirdness.

The electric shock feeling is horrid, my leg or arm will jump with the sudden pain and it’s hard to explain why to other people, but again it is all part of fibro.

One thing to consider, is the jot down where you are when you get the different pains, as I noticed sitting at the computer I got a lot of the crawling, so I changed my chair to a dinning chair, I got pains in my legs on the settee in the evening so changed to putting my legs straight in front on a footstool, it’s just something I’ve noticed for me that’s helped.


Wow, I have the same things happening to me too. I was slapping my legs like crazy and once my legs started I felt like bugs were on my arms too. I've had the shock thing too. My leg actually lifted up off the bed and woke me. I thought it was just me.

I have them too! It feels like bugs under your skin. I will get them for about an hour or so then they go away but they are the most annoying thing!!

Don't people with Restless Leg Syndrome experience this sensation at night? And also those kids who all got sick at the high school this year and no one could figure out what it was - didn't they experience this as well? I'll need to do some googling to check.

But please, don't feel weird. Fibro is weird, so absolutely nothing would surprise me, in terms of symptoms. Bet you'll find another fibro person with the same thing.

There's nothing wrong with weird!! It's "normal" that worries me.

I have that sensation too. It coud be that my legs need shaving lol, but I think its a nerve thing. I have this weird feeling of warm water running down my legs too sometimes, and I think I've had an "accident" lol. Then yes there's the electric shock and shooting pains down limbs, "sunburnt" and "bruised" skin.

So don't worry about sharing your experiences. I can guarantee you there's always a few people here at least who have the same as you. (Although no-one has owned up to the warm water down the legs yet lol)

Welcome to the weird world of fibro!!

Thank you OMG

I feel better that I asked. Thank you for sharing with me, and making me feel better about this. Yes about the sitting. I have not found a chair yet, but as soon as I get my own place I am going to start looking for a better seat. Right now I move around from seat to seat. And put pillows on things to sit on. Thank you so much you don't know how much you have made me feel better.

Yours Truly Silent xoxo

Thank you for replying Ifeiljj

Your response means so much. Now we know that we are not weird. Sometimes having this cleared-up clears-up our thoughts about our selves. I find just hearing that others are going through this makes me feel stronger today.

Thank you Silent

Thank you for responding fibroducky

I don't know how to explain how this has helped me. It felt so great to no that others have had or do have this symptom. Not that I wish it on others, but, I really was afraid to ask. your honesty and response means more than i can explain.

Yours Truly Silent

Thank you so much Jo

I will try not to feel weird about things I want to ask. It is hard sometimes. I have spent so many years denying my pain just so that I would not put people off about me. Or maybe feel like I was not a good enough to be around because I would not be feeling good anyways. I know everyone knows what I mean by this. And now I can't write very well because I am going to cry. Thank you Jo, thank you everyone.

Yours Truly Silent

Thank you Petunia Girl

I don't know what people with restless leg Syndrome experience. I would not think to research it because I have been diagnosed with fibro. However, maybe the issue is a shared one. This would be interesting. In any case just knowing that others with fibro have or have had this experience has made me feel so much stronger today.

P.S I'm not sure what school or children you were referring to. I,m with my son and daughter-inlaw in Las Vegas NV. Thank you again for helping me feel ok about this.

Yours Very Truly Silent

Aww bless you. I hope they are happy, relieved tears. We are good people, in every way, and other people should think themselves the lucky ones, to have you in their life.

All the best!! And plenty of hugs!


I get this, too. I only found out it was 'normal' for this affliction after reading a ton of stuff online. And that put my mind at ease a bit... although I still had the creepy crawlies!

I get that feeling too and it's annoying! I get the heebie jeebies and think it's a bug crawling on me and even when it turns out it isn't that creepy feeling doesn't leave me. I have to distract myself so I stop thinking about bugs.

I'm glad you found this place so you can share your weirdness with us. We're all a little weird here. :)

Your right The info is out there, we do have to be so careful , there are a lot of people out there trying 2 take advantage of our need 2 want to find something that helps, I spent $40 on powder calcium because it claimed to help fibro, it did not help , I think I will stick to things that have serious clinical trials, I have taken enough research classes to be able to sort through trials, they can be very biased if done by the drug a drug company

I'm glad someone else calls them the heebie jeebies. I've been getting them a lot lately. The worst is when you're driving.

Oh my God!!!...What is going on????? I did not take offence to anyone suggesting meds, after all that would be bias of me. I know we are all capable of being critical and don't worry Petunia Girl, I hear your words. Something I would like to share. Be kind," Thou shall not hate thy neighbor" (a Bible)

Love Silent