I think I'll write a song about overdoing it each day

I just can’t help myself. Now that I’ve started painting all the paneling in my Mobile, I can’t stop! And I’m still in the living room and hallway! LOL…I’m going to be so happy when I’m finished though and hopefully, it will keep the mold at bay or if nothing else, keep the moldy smell away. It appears I’m the only one that can smell it because friends and family say, “I don’t smell anything”… Time to leave some quotes and then check in on you all…

  1. Next time someone expects a toddler or child to share, remember how adults acted in 2020 over groceries!

  2. I have nothing in common with people who wash, dry, fold, and put their laundry away all in one day!

  3. Just sent a Dove out my window. When it comes back with a piece of toilet paper, I will know it’s safe outside!

  4. I’m called a Pastor because “hardcore devil stomping Ninja” isn’t an official title!

  5. Labels are for jars, not people.


These are right on the money!!!
Re: #2, sometimes, the day after I do laundry, my husband has to go in search of his pants - They might be folded, on top of the washer, or hung over a chair somewhere. It’s like the “adult” game of hide & seek, LOL. Thankfully, he does always seem to get to work with his pants on :upside_down_face:
Re: #5 True True True!
Every one of these made me laugh. I needed that, gramybear!


When everyone starts back to work full time, it’s going to take a good week for everyone to find their pants!! LOL

I just love your quotes!
I will sing a really bad harmony with you on this song! We could probably have a whole band on here. :rofl:
I’ve painted 3 rooms and part of another, switched two of the rooms (dining room and music room- yes, all that stupid furniture!) The hubby redid the floor in three rooms, and I still need to paint the molding. I keep telling myself that no one notices… Y’all ask me next year if I’ve finished.
My biggest downfall is keeping my little 14 month old granddaughter. I love playing and loving on her so much, but then I pay so dearly later.


At my house, it’s wash, 1 hour. Dry, 90 mins. Put away, 3-5 business days.

LOL Thanks for the chuckle.


Thanks for honest sharing…

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You are so welcome!!!

LOL!!! Oh the dreaded molding! I just finished my living room, dining room and hallway with the mold killer paint and the main coat which is Navajo white. It’s nice to have the paneling not showing and it definitely lightens everything up. But, the main room I needed to do is my bedroom where the mold is. I’m starting on that as soon as this dreaded weather cools down. It’s 108 today and will remain that way all week! Sigh. After my room, I’m going to do my son’s bathroom. I love to paint but not in the heat!! I’ll ask you in a few months how your painting is going!! LOL