I won my social security disability case for fibro disabilities!

Listen! There is hope …the medical community is finally believing this is a real disorder …I won! Two and a half years wait!

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That’s awesome, sky fish.

Thank you all for your support…

Woo hoo! Congrats! Did you utilize an attorney to win your case? Again congrats!

Congrats to you sky fish! One battle won! Hurray!

Sky fish, that is AWESOME!!!! I've actually got tears in my eyes for you, and I don't even know you. BUT I do know about the pain and the wait. I'm so HAPPY for you!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I hope you have a celebratory party. You deserve it.

HUGS!!! of joy


Awww brilliant!! I'm really pleased for you!!

that is great news i am very happy for you. i am torawrds the end of my battle with disability. i finally have the papers in to see a judge. i hope i have the same luck

Thats great news for you too. Good luck with yours aswell! You can both do without the stress!

Yes, here's to hoping that Eeyore gets her disability case approved very soon so she can get some proper medical care!


Congrats very much to you


Congrats! So happy you finally won. What did you have to do, stand on your head or something! No pun met. I've tried everything, and I gave up. In 5 years if I make it, Lord willing I will. I will be 62 yrs old and I can hopefully start drawing my SS. Or, I will be successful in my House/pet sitting business. So proud of you, for pursuing!

God bless YOU!!!! <><

Theresa, you might wish to try once again, as SSDI has finally officially included fibro as a disability. What a darned shame that you couldn't get accepted all of those years!

But your house/petting business sounds cool!

So glad you finally had a positive response. You are an inspiration to the rest of us to not give up fighting.

Thank you.it was one of the hardest thing I ever had to do.the whole ordeal going to the big judge was traumatic. I had to let her know the agony -suffering.-and all I lost. I had to show that I tried everything to get better to no avail. I am so relieved knowing I have a small amount to live on and I don’t have to have more pain because of that stress…don’t give up! Thank you!

Aww thats great! It must have been so stressful, but now you can relax at last! Well done for sticking with it.