I'm Cold!


I've only recently been diagnosed with fibro, but i've always had trouble warming up/cooling down. Especially warming up, and it's only gotten worse. Currently I live in the sub-tropics but we are having a cold snap that is causing some major pain :(. I used to live up in the north-east in the USA and to be this cold and full of pain at 50 F seems so strange! Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions for how to warm up/stay warm without taking a hot bath every two hours? I'm wearing a hat to bed for goodness sake!

I have a problem staying cool. I am always hot. I know it is from the pain meds, but I just cant stop sweating. Anything from 70 degrees and up. I can handle the cold, it hurts, but the heat hurts worse.

Thanks for the suggestions :) i'll be sure to keep them in mind.

What about those hot packs for hands and feet that you can buy at the drug store? And maybe a nice hot water bottle for the rest of you? And an electric blanket. My dad liked his a whole lot and it helped him stay warm.

Dear Emma,

Me too! Although we are having a miserably hot and humid summer, I can't take much A/C, and in the winter, I really suffer. I have learned that the first thing I do is put my clothes in the dryer to warm them up, and take any dampness out of them. Remembering you are in an apartment, you may not have one at home, so use an electirc blanket and put your clothes under it before putting them on. Also let that electric blanket warm up the bed and take any dampness out of the linens before getting in.

A dehumidifier works well in all seasons, allows you to cope with just about all weather, just take care not to get it too dry or sinus infections can occur.

Cuddle duds are my best friend in winter, a light, soft womens long john, available in numerous styles, sizes, colors. Our drug stores carry microwavable gloves and mittens, and outdoor stores that cater to hunters and fishermen have some great stuff available, you can even get battery warmed socks!

I know all of this sounds crazy, but it works, I am colder than most, with Raynaud's Phenomen, I turn white and sometimes blue with just a touch to something cold, so I am always bundled up.

They are right about the 'warming spices', cayenne is a great one, can probably google lots more, throw that in some of your wonderful dinners!

Hope this helps, there is nothing worse than being that cold!

Best to you,


I really love my heated mattress pad. They are adjustable for the comfort of your significant other. The heat feels so nice that I want to stay in bed. :slight_smile:

It is so annoying isn't it! In england the weather is not that great and I still take a hot water bottle to bed every night, and in the winter I end up wearing a long sleeved shirt under my fleece pyjamas, which i tuck into thermal bed socks and wear a hooded bath robe and a hat. Sometimes gloves too. So attractive isn't it?!! I love an electric blanket too and the bottle helps when you have to turn it off. I have two fleece blankets downstairs to wrap up too if I need. The worse thing is getting changed or drying off after washing / showering / a bath. I just have to wrap a load of towels round and my bath robe until I think I'm dry then "quicky" get dressed. Anything to try and keep warm!! Hopefully you're weather will pick up soon and you'll forget all about it