Is anyone retaining water?

I really try to watch what i eat but i am new to all this. I have been reading everyones posts & i see more things to try. I dont use salt at all try to stay away from it. But still i retain water & swell like crazy. Trying a water pill to see if that helps.

What meds are you taking?

I am not having this issue but have had my ankles and feet swell from 2 medications: Neurontin and Vibryd.

I hope someone on this site can help- if not, I would suggest calling your pharmacy and/or doctor.

Hi again! Just looked at your profile and it doesn’t look like you’re taking medication. So I just wanted to say that I haven’t experienced swelling and water retention from fibro (just from taking the meds I mentioned). Welcome to the site!!

Hi Chelle, I retain sometimes from meds too, and have to stop one in particular for a day or two to aleviate the problem, but my body swells from Psoriatic Arthritis, mostly in the joints.

If you happen to be taking Lyrica, it is pretty notorious for causing lots of weight gain. I started it in January and I'd say my conservative estimate of my weight gain is around 20lbs.

Hmmmmm, good question. Can you be a bit more specific? Are you swelling everywhere? Tummy? Ankles?

I find that sometimes my fingers do swell, mostly around the ring area. I don't know if it's due to retaining water or not. I wish I could give you a better answer than that.

I totally agree with Sunflower, please call your GP so he/she is aware of it, can look into it, and also rule out other sources of swelling.

That's the one!

I swell mostly in my hands and feet. I quit taking the med. i was on . i was on cymbalta. The side affects were terrible! Im not on anything now i dont have medical. Im taking b12 omega 3 & a multi vitamin. I should be taking something but hope i get medical soon.

Hope some good things come your way soon! We are all pulling for you!

It seems like that's where i swell too, in the hands. I don't know why that's happening to us.

Have you tried Lyrica, Chelle? It helps take the edge off the pain and I don't think it has as many side effects as Cymbalta.

Thanks for that Josephina, will get some!

Thank you i will try that! I dont have medical right now so hopefully that will help.

I dont have medical right now. So getting to the dr. & getting meds isnt to easy for me right now. But thank you when i do get to go ill keep that in mind.

Thank you means so much:)

I have started to retain water in my legs feet and ankles in the last year. It is worse after ovulation and before my period. I never had this til about 2 years ago, and I was diagnosed with FM just about a year hummm...wonder if it is from fibro