Sudden swelling

Hi Ladies and Gents, I haven't posted very much, but I need some input. I have had some sudden swelling of my entire body that started with just my feet maybe 2 weeks ago, only when I was on my feet all day. Then yesterday, I again worked all day, which I am on my feet all day, and my abdomen was swollen and painful, like I was 6 months pregnant. (I'm not. I had a hysterectomy so it's for sure not that.) But the rest of my body is also swollen today. Not anything that can be seen by others, but it is surely felt by me. Even my eyelids feel swollen. My rings are tight and usually I can spin them around on my fingers. I have gained 8 pounds in 2-3 months with probably 5 pounds being this week sometime but I don't check that often.

Obviously I will call my doctor. That's not a question. Do I call my Rheumy? Internist?

I was diagnosed Fibro in October 2014 by my gynecologist (weird I know but he's awesome). Then internist, and finally rheumatologist in April. I have had a significantly high ANA 3 times but no other positive tests on all of the other autoimmune panels they have run. I have a history of migraines, hypothyroid, and a hysterectomy in October before all of this craziness started. Before that I was healthy. I've been on Lyrica for 5 months with increasing dosages. I am now up to 225mg with the last increase a few months ago. Still in significant body pain daily... kind of everywhere, you know, but mostly on the left half of my body. The last 5 days has been strange with the nerves in my whole body painfully buzzing. I don't know what else to call it. They don't know why my ANA is high, but are pretty sure of the fiber diagnosis as I am too, but are waiting to add on another diagnosis when that something shows it's face. Is this swelling it? Is it the Lyrica? Is it Lupus? Any other ideas? I want to be prepared for anything when I call them tomorrow, so lay it on me friends!

Thanks in advance!


Hi Jennifer, I am sorry you are experiencing this. It is good to call your doctor, I probably would start with the Rheumy. I also experience swelling, especially in my feet and lower legs but also other places. It has gotten to the point where I don't even try to wear sandals anymore, just get too tight. I have found that keeping my sodium low helps. Also, when it is bad I sometimes find relief by taking an Epsom salt bath. It doesn't take the feeling away exactly but it is soothing. I have noticed for me this is something that often seems affected by weather, especially hot weather or sudden weather changes. Sometimes damp weather as well seems to make it worse. So if it could be 75 degrees and sunny 365 days a year we would all be good :-). Please keep us updated on how you are doing. Hugs.

The high ana could be lupus but then also just from inflammation due to fibro. Don't worry about what else might be. You have enough just dealing with the fibro.

I am just relieved to know that you'll be checking in with a doctor. I guess the rheumy is the right one to call, as long as he or she is on top of things and isn't just doing assembly-line work when he or she sees you.

The one sided thing worries me, as does the buzzing of your nerves. Could be the fibro, could be another autoimmune disease. And it's really weird that the Lryica isn't doing anything for the nerve buzzing, which I presume comes from nerve pain.

I think you need to address all of this with your rheumatologist right away.

And here's one more thought: were you out in the sun a lot recently? If you have Lupus or are inclined towards it, the sun can play real havoc with your skin. Heck, it can even with fibro.

Several years ago, while visiting my mom in Florida, I went to the beach on a cloudy February day and ended up with the worst sunburn ever! It wasn't the redness, it was that my skin swelled up and felt like sausage casing surrounding the insides of my leg. The skin actually felt way too tight for the leg. I am wondering if that might be what happened to you? And it took quite a while to feel normal again. Well past the point where the redness had left. Anyway, it's just a thought, esp. if lupus is a possibility.

Oh, and migraines go along with lupus (fibro, too.)

I hope you get an answer to this soon. It certainly might be a cause for concern.

Hugs to you,