Is my immune system compromised since I have fibromyalgia?

Hi everyone, I was wondering if I need to be extra, extra careful about the coronavirus since I have fibromyalgia. I know everyone has to be extremely careful because of the nature of this awful virus. I don’t know what fibromyalgia can do or how it affect the ability to fight off infections. Does anyone know the answer to this? I only have fibromyalgia. Thanks everyone!

Hey Freedom,
This is a bit of a two prong question.
From all reports the fibro does not “cause” an impaired immune system, but whilst you body is trying to deal with an underlying chronic condition your system can be more susceptible.

Many years ago I assisted people with communicable diseases and we used what was called ‘universal preventative precautions’, and when I think about it, in simplified layman’s terms, it was more a common sense approach. Wash hands, clean surfaces and be aware of others. This is what I now try to do.

Now, in saying this, I’ve recently had a hospital appointment. All through the hospital there’s COVID-19 signs, there’s hand sanitizer stations. You enter the bathroom with signs on the doors. Again at the hand basin, signs and yet whilst I’m at the basin 3 people came out of the stalls and walked straight out the door. No washing. After washing and drying my own hands, I took a paper towel and opened the door with that, throwing it in the bin as I exited.

We can only take the best precautions we can, at least If we know we are doing our bit (even if others aren’t), we are keeping ourselves about as safe as we possibly can. Our governments have all come out with various statements with everything from “It’s a major concern…” to “Nahh, don’t worry about it, it’s just a flu…” and by not having a clear concise public health advice notification we are all getting a mixed message. The WHO (World Health Organisation) came out early saying it was a major concern and governments said ‘Yea, maybe in China. But not in OUR country’ but look at the worldwide spread now. It’s in every country. Personally I’d be listening to the WHO before a political party vying for the next election cycle.

Personally I think if we all use ‘universal preventative precautions’ as much as we possibly can, we are minimising the spread for all involved.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

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I was told I have Fibro back in 1999, and to this day wonder about that…I primarily deal with OA. But on the immune system, EVERYONE would be so much better off on a routine of Vit C, D, Zinc and I take Grape Seed Extract for going on 25 yrs and I’m not really fearing this virus or any virus. And I’m 81 and since taking supplements for many years, very strong good health.

I technically don’t know if the immune system is affected by fibromyalgia or not. I tend to think that , if nothing else, because of all that we deal with that our immune systems are weakened.

I know for me that even a mild case of the flu or a cold can trigger a major flare lasting days or weeks longer than the illness itself.

I’m sorry I’m a little late to the question here. I also have ME, so yes, my immune system is a bit compromised. I may run a low grade fever when I’m having a flare, simply because my immune system is attacking itself. I started taking extra vitamin c, zinc, and grapeseed extract. I watched several videos with doctors who recommended these supplements. It seemed that these were agreed upon across the board. One doc suggested taking up to 4-5000 vitamin C. He said to gradually increase over time. If you take too much initially, it can cause tummy issues.

It never hurts to be extra careful as I do believe from what I’ve been told by Physicians is that this disease does affect our immune systems. And if you have any other health issues, it’s compromised even further. Better safe than sorry! Sending safe hugs.

I found this very interesting, I was told we are not more vunerable. I myself have pain all the time, a flare up is just really really bad pain, but I have noticed when I have had a virus that my fibro is much better!!! Wierd I know.

Sue1, welcome to the site!
Aren’t human bodies (especially ones with fibro) strange & complex?! To trade your fibro pain for a virus just doesn’t seem fair at all. You feel awful either way!
Since many folks with fibromyalgia also have an autoimmune disease, it is still good to be careful, especially during this Covid crisis. Certainly, all of the fatigue we experience can’t be good for our bodies and immune system.

Welcome Sue1!

I can relate to the first part of your statement. I never have a pain-free day either - some might be a little better than others, some are worse. Flares are really bad.

I’m not sure if pain free with a virus is a good thing or not. :woman_shrugging: On the one hand being pain free would be nice, but on the other hand - you are miserable from the virus.

Personally, getting sick will throw me into a nasty flare every time. Fibro seems to affect everyone differently, doesn’t it?

I deal with bodywide pain, Fibro (I’m told) and OA and I have a good strong immune system…lots of Vit C, D, Zinc and Grape Seed Extract (25 yrs on it) and no colds, no flu and no vaccines. I’m 82…and don’t fear covid.