Is this anyone else's norm?

I've just come off of a 10 day flare that was the longest and worst I've had I was only able to leave the house on 3 different days. Anyway it has passed now, I have energy my head is clear, I have been cleaning and reorganizing things, but now I can't sleep at all. Is this something that happens to anyone else?


No, I haven't noticed that happen after a bad flare of fibro. I wake up frequently all the time. Maybe your sleep cycle got thrown off due to the flare up. Hopefully, if you practice good sleep hygiene, you'll get back on track.


My sleep cycle is messed up from fibro but not from flares. But I wouldn't be surprised if flares could disrupt it. They certainly do when we're feeling poorly. But if you have continued trouble with sleeping, I'd suggest seeing your GP. Hope you can get some sleep and enjoy your good period!

You bet, soonersmile! You go from total exhaustion into HYPER-EXHAUSTION!! Or Hyper- maina!! It is the worst!

My house could stand a good tearing into. My husband has a lady come to do the floors every week, and that is phenominal help! But it needs a good house cleaning.

We need a new roof on one side of the house, are waiting for him to start, so no use even thinking about any of that right now! Not gonna do it twice!

The Rheumatologist gave me valium for sleep and to relax muscles, only works sometimes.

Good luck, if you find a cure, let me know!