IV Lidocaine Infusion?

I was wondering if anyone has Kaiser for medical insurance and if anyone has tried the IV Lidocaine Infusions? I emailed my doctor today about them but he doesn't always write back for a few days. Im wondering what side effects people have experienced as well!




Oh Jacklyn, this sounds like a DREAM treatment to me! I have never heard of it, but you can bet your boots I am going to be ringing phones and knocking doors about this. I found this link that seems to explain it pretty well.

Let me know about it, I'll ask around on the other sites and see if anyone has tried this!

Great info, thank you. Keep in touch about it, please.



I will keep in touch about it! I have tried lidocaine patches on my back and those felt pretty good so this treatment sounds like it would be even better! As soon as I find out info from my doctor I’ll let you know!


I posted asking the Psoriatic Arthritis and Lupus group about it, not only for our info, but it lets them know of another possible solution to pain management. Thanks again, we will be staying in touch!


Very interesting, and a WONDERFUL idea !

But in it's current forms, isn't it pretty short acting, and pretty localized (think dental-numbing)? It shows in that article from SK that they are setting it up in the abdomen, but what if the pain is in your feet? And it's metabolized by the liver and kidneys, making it a little worrisome for long-term use. Even the topical Lidoderm patches are only worn for 12 hours, due to the risks. There are other anesthetics that are safer and longer-acting, I wonder why they aren't looking at those first? I hope they've re-invented it and put it out as a long term option, because this really would be awesome.

Sorry, I don't mean to be negative, just thinking out loud.

I really hope this is available somewhere near me, I can't wait to find out !!

I wanted you to take a look at this again, or perhaps for the first time!

One of the gals on the Lupus site responded, she is familiar with them, said they have been around a while, but Insurance would NOT pay for them, so make sure you know of the financial costs involoved!

Hi everyone,

Sooo...my doctor finally wrote back and said that he has never heard of the IV Lidocaine infusion but is familiar with a lidocaine injection he said that I needed to let him know the pain points so they can inject them...anyone heard of this one? I wrote him back and am going to try to get an appt asap because were moving monday and my back has been horrific!

Soft Hugs,


Is this a Pain Mangagement Doc doing the injections, using the x-rays to guide the injections, right?

No it is my primary doctor and I am not sure how he is doing the injections yet.

I only had tiny quick Lidcocaine or Procaine injections in my back, like E3178, in conjunction with some of my acupuncture - neither worked for me. This is called Neuraltherapie in Germany, an alternative therapy, maybe comparable to LDN and other low dose therapies of otherwise pretty potent meds, in this case using procaine or lidocaine or similar.

This is something totally different to infusions , which have been used for chronic pain, incl. fibromyalgia: Kandil et al, 2017 Lidocaine Infusion: A Promising Therapeutic Approach for Chronic Pain

For fibromyalgia, according to a study from 2009 (Schafranski et al) also reported in this link, you get “IV lidocaine 2–5 mg/kg 2 h. Five sequential intravenous 2% lidocaine infusions with rising dosages (2–5 mg/kg, days 1–5)”.

They are called an alternative to opioids and typically used when these do not work. So that’d be pretty high up the therapeutic ladder nowadays, unless that’s now changed due to opioids being taken out more.

The following links to a (albeit short-term) patient experience that contends any euphoria that you have nothing to lose: What It’s Like to Get a Lidocaine Infusion — Pain News Network. You can read other patient experiences on Pain Concern on health unlocked, e.g. Lidocaine infusion experience: Mornin' all... - Pain Concern (in this case not successful).

Lidocaine is a local anaesthetic. Its side effects are enough, but more limited if injected in the periphery of the body, but injected i.v./infused it can affect i.e. do similar things to central parts of the body like the heart or brain. During and after the infusions you are monitored very closely - not necessarily comforting. Doesn’t sound funny or easy at all to me…

(Yes, I could have started a new thread on this topic… but heck, why not stick to an old one if it’s there and the only one… And maybe SK’ll see this and can give any update or comment.)