Just how quick we go down

Omg. So I worked from noon till 5 yesterday. Today it was “planned” on being a full day from 8:30-5. Got there at 8:30 and had lunch at noon and at about 1 my co-worker/supervisor asked me how I was doing. In my cheery voice.I reply. Doing good. And abruptly at 1:30 my mid back all of a sudden went to hell in a handbasket! Felt like someone used me for batting practice.

Howseveryone doing today?

That is the ONE thing that drives me insane about this. Is one minute we are what we would consider fine and the next we are down for the count like someone.just beat the hell out of me!

Punkin, it doesn't seem like too many fibro people can work. If we start out okay, we end up feeling horrid. Even part time work is a strain. My hat is off to those who manage to work full time. I don't know how they do it. The longer I work part time, the more knew painful spots I find. I didn't used to have pressure point pain in the back but I do now!

Hw're you feeling now, girl? Hope your back has calmed down some.

Caren, I don't know how you do it. I did day care for about a year, when I first started getting serious fibro symptoms and it KILLED me to pick kids up. Just couldn't handle it. You must be some dynamo for handling it!

Thanks Petunia. I am doing okay now. Thanks to my fluffy pillow top. I do fine in “normal” 40 hour work weeks however, working in the prep room I am standing on my feet at a counter. I have a chair but its not the most comfortable because its a bar chair. When I was working at the matress co. Back in February thru April I kicked butt working a 40 week because I was sitting at a desk and was able to get up and go file if I needed to and vise versa. I would love to have a full time job. It will happen when its supposed too. Btw, I added more photos of my family! Tee hee.

Light and Love Punkin

Caren, its not whining! It’s releasing! It feels so good when done! Vent away!

Well, good on you for being able to kick butt in a 40 hour week. I wish I still could. It does amaze me that people can. But I get the difference between standing and sitting. I couldn't do standing jobs AT ALL but do a lot of going up and down stairs and walking. Big difference!

Caren, yes! It amazes me that doctors say this isn't progressive but IT IS. You start with the pain one place and before you know it, it's spread like wildfire!

I know what you mean about the hands. Isn't it frustrating? For me, the hand pain is different than most of the rest of the pain. It's the dull, aching pain of arthritis. Don't know why it hurts in a different manner in the hands than in the joints. Do you get the really bad pain in the base of the thumbs? Sometimes it's so bad that I can't write and can't even bend my thumb.

It must be hard, hard to do daycare with all of that pain. HARD. Does your back bother you too and is that why you can't get down on the ground? It's sad that your walking habits have changed SO drastically. It's like becoming a grannie, isn't it?

What irritates me is when your talking to someone formal and they say well you can go get a job at McDonald’s or some wharehouse store. Well ya know what I can’t you pumpus arse! I can’t stand that long! If I could I would apply to everyone of them but I medicaly can’t do it. Sheesh.

Oh gosh, BLESS your husband for his wonderful response! Gave me such a smile! He is a KEEPER.

Yeah, i worked for 2 months for Petcoas a cashier and thought I would die. Who would think that standing could hurt so bad? And bagging too. Bad choice of careers for those of us with fibro, caren.

I hate the thumb pain! In the winter, I can't even hold a pen upright due to it. I'm like you, no arthritis in the hands.

A mixer, now that's a good idea! I hadn't thought about how baking would be with fibro, haven't done it in a long time but I'll bet it would be hard to hand mix stuff! I actually bought a cute 1970's pink mixer just cause it was cute but now I can see it has other uses as well! Thanks for the tip!

I really feel for you at the picnic - a supposedly fun day completely done in by the pain. Those are the worst! You can hear everyone else having fun and you're in miserable pain. I can't count the times it happened to me, and it was because I was pushing myself waaay too hard physically. Sounds like you're currently in the same boat.

I hope you get the SSDI. You should, given the new guidelines. Let's all cross our fingers.

Oh gosh, I KNOW. It's torture to stand that long. Absolute torture. I guess they don't care, their attitude is to just drop dead once you become an inconvenience. "Lovely" people.