Just my luck

Hi everyone hope all is well, so i finally got thru with my medi-cal people and i was denied it, so now i cant see a doctor or my counselor, i guess im stuck with all that i got and will get in the future. i dont know what else to do anymore, im starting to give up on a lot of things that i love in life and just become a hermit. so if u dont see me much on here its because i hurt so much to think as well as type on a computer! thank u everyone for any help u have done in the past, and i welcome any help i can get now!


Hi Mickie,

Please explain who turned you down, I didn't quite get it. I'm hoping that someone can point you in the right direction. Were you turned down for Insurance, medical assistance, disability? Have you seen a social worker, they usually have so much good advice on these matters.

I am so very sorry that you are in this much pain!

Sending big hugs,