Killer Doughnuts 🍩

I’m trying to pay attention to my diet and how certain foods effect my pain… Last week, I’m ashamed to admit this, but I binged on some good, old fashioned, hot Kryspy Kreme donuts. If you’ve ever had them when they’re fresh and hot they go down very easy…and quickly :flushed:
By that night I was in horrible pain and knee deep in a Fibro flare like I’ve never had! That was last Saturday and today is the first day I’ve felt somewhat better (well, as ‘better’ as anyone can be with this desease).
I think it was probably the yeast…or maybe a combination of the yeast and sugar overload I consumed. (Man I won’t be doing that again!)

Has anyone else experienced problems with increased pain or a flare from yeast or any other foods?


To be honest I never connected my pain to my food. I guess it would be benificial to keep a food diary and how you feel afterwards along with trying to watch calorie consumption. I know what you mean on those doughnuts, they go down fast when they are hot! :smile:

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6 weeks ago i woke up with huge swelling in my feet and legs. my thyroid gland is not working, no explanation why. its been normal forever. I have started on a low dose med for that and my primary care doctor told me not to eat ANYTHING sugared, also no potatoes, pasta, etc and starch turns into sugar. Also no mayo, salad dressing, etc. etc. and etc. i have had fibro 38 years and regarding fibro none of my doctors have ever mentioned foods, diets, and so on. honestly I dont know what to think. the swelling is going away, but my fibro nerve pain is terrible.
My rheumatologist wants me to take Prolia but I refused after she stated it would probably eat away the flesh on my jaw. Because I refused, she got mad and said “well, just deal with the fibro pain then” and walked out. I am going to keep some notes for myself as to how I feel after eating something sweet or starchy.
Sorry I cant help you except to share thoughts. sometimes this group is the only folks that can understand our pain and disappointments. Glad you found this site. carolyn


carolyn, I’m confused. I don’t have fibro or a rheumatologist, I have other chronic coniditions such as facial nerve damage, migraine, and lymph edema… that being said, why was Prolia suggested? It’s for osteoporosis, not RA or OA, and has nothing to do with fibro or fibro pain. It’s also not the front line treatment for osteoporosis, it’s for people who did respond well to other options.

Additionally, it doesn’t have any impact on flesh. Over a long period of use for osteoporosis it has a the rare but serious side effect of jaw bone problems and thigh bone fractures, but that’s also in people with osteoporosis. You shouldn’t be on prolia long term anyway, or any osteoporosis med for that matter. I believe the general guideline is 10 years max per lifetime.

I don’t understand why prolia was suggested.


so sorry I did not see your post. The only thing that helped my fibro was cortisone, which caused osteoporosis. The prolia is for osteo. not fibro.
The only side effect the rheumy told me was the eating away of jaw flesh, and that you have to be able to SEE the teeth for 3 months before insurance will pay for treatment. It really has nothing to to with fibro, but she is angry with me because I have refused plaquenil due to eye problems. She said just deal with the fibro because she is mad that I wont take what she wants me do. I am now just with the pain doc and my GP …i wont go back to her. Again, I apologize for the long delay in seeing your post.

I am taking 1200 calcium in two doses per day, and 3,000 mg of Vitamin D with each calcium pill.

Sugar absolutely kills me!! I notice as soon as I wake up the day after a piece of pie or some cookies–everything hurts! I can eat a moderate amount of sugar (one sugary soda, a small piece of chocolate) if I eat it early in the day and then eat healthy foods, especially green veggies, fish, lean chicken. I rely on spinach, carrots, broccoli, summer squash, and other anti-inflamatory veggies to keep me relatively ok. I have osteoarthritis as well as fibro.

Its Palm oil! I have been studying palm oil for about 11 years and it is being added to damn near everything. It is an inflammatory. I actually came online today literally to post about it. Look at your ingredients, they change all the time.