L-carnitine (LC), Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALC) (& PLC): energy or fog & inflammation

After hesitating as some use it more for brain fog, which I seem to fog over, I do now take 3x0.5g ALC, as it’s also may help just waking up in the morning, as well as energy/fatigue.

Now research-searching I’ve also found study evidence that it can help with the blood fat lp (a) I need to keep low, and I’ve seen it mentioned for pain (a pharmacy told/sold it me, no study), fatigue and ADHD (but only an exploratory study from 2004 that was optimistic, and a pilot trial from 2007 on kids for ADHD wasn’t sure, thinking maybe for ADD (cf. ‘brain fog’…)). And it’s improved by Q10. I was afraid of diarrhea-sfx, hasn’t happened at 1.5g tho. Interestingly, the study ends “Acetylcarnitine had main effect on mental fatigue and propionylcarnitine on general fatigue.” Generally that connection’d support my idea that brain fog may be counted as mental fatigue. But what about trying propionylcarnitine, PLC) ? Never heard of that, there’s not even a wikipedia article. A GI-review on Carnitine derivatives from 2012 has an encouraging abstract-ending: “ALC and PLC are considered well tolerated without significant side-effects number of therapeutic effects possibly come from the interaction of carnitine and its derivatives with the elements of cellular membranes.” And also that there are studies on PLC for cardiovascular stuff, that’d be for me too. Then I saw @Zraine say ALC is a “women’s vitamin”. Intrigued I found a study from 2018 on its role in female infertility concluding "While both LC and ALC have their applications in improving female fertility, ALC is preferred for its better antioxidant properties and LC for amelioration of energy supply to the cells. Wdnt that mean we should be/try taking LC, not ALC?
Let’s see what Cort Johnson has found about it: Well one study found it enhances fatigue both of brain and body, whilst others support the above (ALC brain, LC body), which sounds as if it might be good to take both…[Edit: but see below.] Myhill and Teitelbaum both recommend 1-2g, Teitelbaum to lower it after 3-4 months.
In a comment of his May 11, 2021 Cort also says resveratrol is on the mitochondrial list, again something I’m gonna be taking for blood fats soon, interesting…
Edit 2021-11-06: A study from 2004 about ME/CFS saying ALC is more for mental fatigue, and PLC is more for physical fatigue, found that combining shows less improvement. PLC is hard to get tho. Can’t find it via my online pharmacy platform. amazon & web-searching only shows glycine-PLC, which I know nothing about, and that’d be a 3rd glycine supp.