Leg pain achy for over two weeks plus depression

Hi all! I am new here . I have had major achy legs for the past two weeks now . Let me Tell u what I have done to try to help with this . Hot yoga,2-4 bathes a day . Restless leg cream, swimming . I don’t know what else to do ? My husband is very supportive but the quality of life sucks right now. I feel like I can’t leave the house or go anywhere far because of the pain. Can anyone help me with other alternatives etc?

Hi Samantha, Welcome!!! Sorry to hear of your suffering. I try stretching, hot baths and massage but find for me that pain medications help the most. I was wondering if you have seen a doctor regarding your symptoms. Sometimes it appears that a combo of medications and the activities you are doing,( which are awesome by the way) can help balance out the pain. I think when one is dealing with depression it is even more paramount that one seeks some professional help, just to help keep them healthy mentally while they deal with all the other stuff. I am sure others will give you lots of advice. Please keep us posted on what ones might work for you and how you are doing. Huge hugs.

I’m going though the same thing right now, I have tried many different things as well…it so hard and just plain sucks…pain meds help but only for so long.

Do you take baths with Epsom salt? Sounds like you are doing everything you can. Sorry you are in such pain. Most of my pain is in my legs also. It’s been 24/7 for over a year now and I haven’t found anything that helps except heat and pain pills. And they really don’t help as much as I would like. I just today ordered a natural lotion called Two Old Goats that was recommended to me. I will let you know if it works.
Best wishes and hope you feel better soon!

Hi i'm sorry your having this it is miserable I call it my punched in the legs pain . I have no idea what to do about it and if you get answers I will try it . Mine comes and goes and can last up to a month at a time ?

Hello and welcome. I get a lot of lower leg pain and also ankle / top of feet pain. I try to elevate as much as I can. I also use ice packs and sometimes it helps. I have one really bad spot on my feet and I just started using Salon Pas and it helps dull it to a more tolerable level. Hugs.