Leg pain...anyone else?

Hi everyone!! So I went to see my rheumi monday for fup…got my Lyrica dosage up to 75mg and seems to be working better. I got this “new” pain that comes from the lower back goes through the buttocks inner tight and back of leg. Happens in both legs, but mainly on the left one. Dr. said it comes from spam muscles at my lumbar sight…any suggestions on to ease this pain, it’s actually more like bothersome at times.

Thanks for any feedback!!


Yes my left leg always aches, particularly around the knee, so not the same as yours. Also, strangely , my left foot is nearly always cold! Only warms up when I wear fluffy socks, even on a cold day! For the past 2 weeks I have also had a stabbing pain in my right foot. I can only put them down to weird Fibro symptoms. Something we have to learn to live with.

Take care, Anne

Thanks Anne… I guess I have to start learning how to live with fibro.
My leg pain seems to travel up and down my leg, very strange.

I have to second the salt soaks. I just use a lavender scented Epsom salts from the pharmacy and it works very well. The only trouble is that it can almost be too relaxing; I’ve fallen asleep in the tub several times. :slight_smile:

If that doesn’t work, you can always try heat or cold compresses on the area of your back that the pain originates from. There are also these patches that you can get from the pharmacy called “SalonPas”. They are infused with menthol and methyl silicate, and the medicine is absorbed through the skin. You place it on your skin where the pain starts. It can help relieve some of the pain. Of course, you could also try plain old Ibuprofen or another NSAID. It sounds like this pain is more related to inflammation and an NSAID would be great for that.

Good luck! I hope something works and makes you feel better. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion, I live in an island so beaches are very accesible for me, Im going to try that soon.

Thanks! NSAID do help but they kill my stomach. I develop severe gastritis after almost 3 years of Relafen and Norflex. Apparently it does has to do with my lower back, going to the chiro next week to see if that helps. Need to try those salts soon…thanks again!

There are topical NSAIDs. They are really useful for people who can’t tolerate them orally. Voltaren gel come to mind. It’s only available as a brand drug, but there is a coupon to lower the copay.