Extreme leg pain

Today is my worst day so far with pain. My legs hurt so bad from the groin to the knees. My hips are tender and weak as well. It is difficult to walk today.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to get comfortable even?

Some times sitting in a warm bath will help.

Have had a pillow under my thighs most of the day, will try the bath. Thanks!

I was this way 3 days ago. To the point that my husband was helping me walk. The first thing I did was heating pads on both the top and bottom of my pelvis. Then laying down I made sure I put a pillow under my knees and if I tried to lay on my side I would put one between my legs. Sadly I have one bath in this home and cleaning it in fibro pain was not a option to attempt a bath.

Are you ok using Ibuprofin? When I have really bad days I take one pill. It usually helps to take the edge off the pain. I also use Salon-pas, which are over the counter pain patches. Again, they help me some. But please run these by your doctor if you decide to try them.

Ice to the spot also helps me. I'm not a big one for hea,t but plenty here find it helpful, as well as Epsom salts in a warm bath.

I hope you can beat back the pain. Feel somewhat better soon!

Baths, Epsom salt helps a lot. have someone rub them if at all possible. try putting them up, with a couple of pillows under them if it's not too uncomfortable. and try not to walk too much.
good luck and let me know how your doing :)