Undescribable Pain

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!

I have been struggling recently with severe low back pain, hip pain radiating down the front of my legs. Any advice? Thanks!!


I somehow strained my low back this week. I've been keeping an eye on my posture and using the heating pad. Also, a good, long, hot shower always helps me if I get that problem. My left hip and leg was hurting too. I always make sure that I use a pillow between my knees when I lay on my side. It helps to relieve pressure on the hip area. A hot tub bath with epsom salts in it is good too to relax the muscles.


Hi BB,

Welcome to the group, that's a good looking family you have, I hope you are all enjoing the holidays! It is the time of year to really over do it. We work so hard to make the holiday season memorable for our loved ones, and it is easy to add insult to injury when it comes to our backs!

I understand your pain, I also have spinal arthritis, mine is autoimmune. I see on your profile that you are taking Mobic, from the little I know of this drug, it is primarily used for Osteoarthritis, am I correct in thinking this is the type of arthritis that you have?

I agree with Allergic, the first thing to sooth my back is a long hot bath, and epsom salts will help to draw out some of the soreness. I also use an OTC analgesic called 'Sports Cream'. You can pick it up in most Grocery and Drug stores, but you CANNOT use a heating pad with it. This helps me as much as the prescription gels. But always ask your Doctor or Pharmacist about it to make sure there is no interaction with any other drug you may be taking.

We have recently started a sub-group 'Fibromyalgia and Arthritis', please know that you are welcome to join us there, I try to post all new meds and info on all types of arthritis. We have nearly 100 members. Just click groups at the top of the page.

If this radiating pain is new, I suggest you make an appointment to see your Doctor as soon as you can get in. Keep an on-going list of these symptoms, so that when you get there you don't forget anything. The more you can tell them, the better they can help you.

I hope that you can get some much deserved relilef very soon!

Wishing you well,


Hot bath as hot as you can handle with Epsom salt. Heating pad and motrin

Hope you are feeling better, BB!

Hi BB. It surely seems that fibro loves our lower backs and hips! I mean REALLY loves them, as in it SETTLES into them for a permanent stay. At least in my case. I've tried all kinds of things - PT (3 different times, total fail,) chiropractor (total fail,) sports massage (helped but my back went right back to super pain as soon as I did something stressful with it again,) cortisone shots, etc. I finally got the nerves cauterized, since my pain management doctor thought that arthritis was causing the issue. The procedure has helped BUT it was excruciating for the first 3 weeks after the procedure. However, in all fairness, I was doing some heavy lifting the very next day and every day afterwards, due to my job. I've had some relapses of pain but so far, so good. The effects from the treatment will only last for 6 months to several years. Then it would have to be done again (grooooooan.)

The other thing I use is Salon Pas. I've been telling everyone about them since I found them, as they help me get through the day. They are small stick on patches that you get over the counter. They aren't expensive, and help with pain.

I'm also on a heavy dose of Lyrica plus Nortryptiline.

The combo of all of these things have made the lower back/hip pain manageable. However, it was disappointing to realize that the rest of the back still feels the fibro!

I don't know if any of this will be of help to you but thought I'd throw it out there for you.

My very best to you, I know that pain in your lower back/hip is a total bugger.