Lets talk about headaches!

Most of mine are probably from my neck, sinuses are surely a factor, but I have to tell you that I have been having some real skull crackers lately. Anyone else?


Yes. Before I started taking 1600mg of IBUPROFEN a day (Which was about 2 years ago) I had many headaches that would make me curl-up. They would usually start behind my eyes. I would see spots or a type of blur and then with in a few "if I did not run for the ibuprofen" it would be like dieing. lately, when my neck feels thick, I think from the thyroid, I get those kicks and have to watch they do not feel like head-aches are going to come on. The second time I had one, I woke up my husband and asked him to take me to the hospital I was very afraid. When I told the emg.doc what was going on I said it started behind my eye ball. He said he never heard of this before. And he looked at me very strange. I wanted to tell him off so bad!!! But I did not. I just stayed passive and said " oh."

Yes!!! I blame it on the weather. The barometric pressure has been out of control this summer and for the last 2 months I have had a headache pretty much every day. I went to my pain doc a couple of weeks ago and I got Serapin shots from the left side trapezeus muscle up into my hairline. They gave short term relief but I have headaches again. In fact, I just woke up and have one now! The only thing I have found that helps is sleep. Just like a migraine.

I hope you find relief soon.

I used to have headaches so bad it would make me throw up. Even my teeth, eyes and eyebrows ached. Could not move and had to take a lot of days off work It seemed like I never had a day where I was migraine-free and was living on Tylenol (which really didn't work). Then my doctor gave me Amitryptiline and my migraines went away completely and also that horrible neck and shoulder went away as well. I haven't had a migraine in two years. It is wonderful! Also, the Amitryptiline helps me sleep through the night. This was the only medication I was taking before I started on the Lyrica and Cymbalta. JoJo

I've had a permanent bastidge of a headache since day one. Not a single day off! Mine seem to go across forehead from temple to temple with a vice grip pain, and from up the neck to the top pf my head. Also when I have my seizure attacks it hits both sides of my head, so my whole head feels like its going to cave in. The only thing I could do to help mine would be a bullet lol

What is a bastidge?

And no bullets, please!

Lol. It's just a more acceptable way of saying bast**d lol.

No bullets in uk so no worries lol

Hi Avenk

I have Rizatriptan. They melt under the tongue. Have you tried them? I guess they're from the same "family". It's the only migraine medication I can take, because the rest make me sick too. I can have as many as I need so there's no limit. Only problem I have with them is that they leave me with a really bad headache but it's better than a migraine.



Yes, I can relate. I thought they were tension headaches, but at this time of the year, I think they are from allergies. It's wonderful ragweed season. It not only hurts my head, but my neck and shoulders. Then, I don't know if that is my fibro or, is it the tendonitis in my arm or shoulder? I keep walking, stretching, and pacing if my pain reaches a certain number, (I do a scale) of 1-12 and when it reaches 12. Then I break down and take the Ibuprofen 1200 mg and go to sleep. It's the only relief I can get for a few hours. I used to have migranes and my Encrologist told me to start eating yogurt, so I did, and they eventually quit. I don't know what the connection is, I cannot recall, Sorry.

I can relate to the headaches,sometimes would like to just have my head disconnected from my body it hurts so bad, have tried several medications right now if I am lucky and can feel it coming on I can take 2 isomethept-dichloralp-acetamin the doctors have given me the sumatriptan and it did nothing, sometimes along with the prescription I will take generic tension headach relief and this will help. I have also found that going to a chiropractor helps me. Hopefully you will be able to find something that will help you. Hugs Kisses and Prayers


Mine are so bad I qualified for Botox shots every 3 months at the pain center. The Botox really helps. Oh, I use Zomig 5mg in between when triggers are introduced. Nothing else helps.

SK, I only get tension headaches at this stage in my life but used to get really bad ones.

Have you been tested (along with everyone else with these horrid headaches, esp. Jo) to be sure the headaches aren't something more serious? If so and the tests are normal, I sometimes put a dab of Tiger Balm on the offending area. It's mentholy smelling and can sometimes rid you of a headache. I must add that since I don't have the severe kind like you folks do, I'm not sure how useful it would be. Also, oddly, sometimes a cup of tea helps too. OItherwise it's Ibuprofin time. However, for those of you who use Ibuprofin a lot, you can actually end up getting rebound headaches. In other words, you use Ibuproin so much that you start getting headaches from the Ibuprofin itself. So then you have to quit taking the Ibuprofin for a while to get rid of the headaches. I think I was suffering from the because have had less since then.

I hope that all of you find some relief. That's just horrible. I know how awful head pain is and I am praying that someone on here has a solution to this!

Hi SK,

I have been having some horrendous headaches but the source is not my fibromyalgia, it is a post concussion and I hope they end soon ( 9 weeks is too long). My heart goes out to those who suffer terrbily from migraines.

My headaches are always in back of my head. Seems to run up from my upper back and neck. I was diagnosed with chronic occupital headache same time as diagnosed with fms and cfs. Change in weather gets them going or stress.

Mine come my greater opcital nerve. It really runs through a lot of your head and gives me an earache as well, my pain spec. said. I am glad I am hearing this from someone else. Sorry you are suffering though. I get Botox.

i have two types of migraines and its rare i have a day where my head doesnt hurt. i have your typical migraines that cause neasua and problems with light and sound as well as effect my vision. the other type is called hemiplegic migraines. i dont gets these alot but when they do i am out of comission for about 3 days. they cause stroke like symptoms. i lose the ability to talk and move the left side of my body. i gain the ability to move in about 4 hours hours but that side is very weak for days. as far as my speach that takes a few days. usually 3 days after one i am back to normal.

i did take topamax daily to prevent them but had to go off cause i cant see the dr that gives it to me. the topamax worked pretty well at times. i cant take any triptans like most migraine suffers due to the hemiplegic migraines. i guess they can cause a real stroke to occur. so i take excridian migraine and if they get too bad i go to the er and get iv meds to help.

this spring and summer have been the worst for me i do think our weather is a huge factor at least right now thats what i blame.

Yes and sometimes we have headaches because we are hungry, have indigestion, or need to drink more.

It's funny you say that, because a lot of times when I get a headache, I also get a stomachache, and I always stop and think; "which one to treat first?"

Thanks for the info !

Dehydration is a huge contributor to headaches. Maybe that's why everyone is saying they are worse now, summertime?
Great answers from both of you, I agree with both!