Pain free....sorta... not any more:(

ok heres my month it started with a migraine and until last night i still had one. all month i have issues with lights,sounds,dizziness, and neausa. this past sunday i had a hemiplegic migraine. i dont expect many of u to reconize that name it is a rare type of migraine that imatates a stroke. i had total peralisos on my left side and it was very hard to speak. i got the move ment back with in a few hours but it remainded weak for days. the speach took about 3 days.

than on tuesday night i noticed my neck was starting to bother me before bed. i didnt think much of it like alot of pains i figured its just fibro. well i woke up wednesday and my neck hurt worse and nothing was helping. the pain continued to increase till i could barley turn my head. i also had a fever so back to the hospital i went but to a hospital near me the i found out deals with neuro issues.

i had more blood work another ct and a spinal tap. the spinal tap didnt hurt like i thought it would. i think blood gases hurt alot more.( a blood gas is where they stick a small neatle into your artery and draw arterial blood to check your o2 sat). well after 4 doese of daulyed,2 of benadryl,1 zofram, 1 reglan, and some sort of steriod thats works great with migraines my migraine is gone. but my back hurts so much today that i dont want to move. only laying on a heating pad helps. i am really hoping the migraine satys away. the er dr did tell me i had to get in with my neuro dr asap. she said that no one should have a migraine for a month. so i am working on that and the referal to the pain clinic.

Ok it took all I had to go get my pain meds. Thankfully they r helping the back pain. However my neck and migraine pain r back. I feel like giving up hope on this migraine going away anytime soon. I feel like if I go back to the er will be labeled as a pain seeker. I had no luck on getting a hold of the pain clinic.

for some reason looking at the laptop,tablet or phone has been causing my head to hurt very quickly. i have never had a problem. i am going to bring it up with the dr. i feel bad cause i like to be able to read things that r going on with other and help but tis very hard right now. sorry if i am not on alot. my phone does alart me when thing r posted so i am ablr to kinda keep up and go on for short periods at a time.

for those with my number feel free to call and time. any one who would like a fibro friend to chat with let me know and we can exchange numbers.

Praying for you that the pain if the migraine eases.

Eeyoreluver, I wrote - and lost - a message to you. Very annoying!

i hope you can get the pain clinic on the phone ASAP tomorrow. I would call non-stop or ask a family member to call. You need to get in touch. Same goes with your neurologist. I find that the more I (politely) whine, the more help I get. Ask for them to put you in if someone cancels. I would think, however, that they'd put you in immediately with a migraine that long-lasting.

If worst comes to worst, head back to the ER ASAP. Don't fool around and wait it you're very ill.

i know the brightness on my phone is low to help save the battery. the laptop is my dads and i dont mess with the settings. i am not sure if there could be a sudden change with my eyes that looking at a screen is causing the pain or not. while in college a few years ago i was on the computer all the time and never had a problem.

thank you so much for the suggestions. i am going to try again to get ahold of the dr.

thank you very much for your prayers

i have no idea how to get ahold of the pain clinic. when i call its an automated system and u if u press 0 it rings and says no one is available and then all you can do is leave a message. i called all day and left a message early in the day and no return call. i am going to try again tomorrow i hope i get through.

once again i cant sleep. i just took the 3rd does of pain meds since 5pm its 3am now. they r helping my back but the migraine came back and worse. i am very nauses and nothing i have is helping.

i wont fool around trust me. i feel like waking my dr now. i am miserable and all i want is to sleep and i cant. i have tried to use soft music and a fan. no luck and i have been in bed since 10pm.

sorry u lost the message i have done that too it sucks

if its possiable to be living in hell here on earth thats where i am. i am so sorry to just be complaining. i feel like telling the dr i need to be put in a coma before i lose my mind. the migraine that hit tonight was the worst so far. the intense stabbing and burning pain just kept moving. the er dr gave me narco and volume and i have taken them both with no relief from the migraine. my anixety is not responding to the volume and is causing chest pain and i am really strugglling to keep it under control. my head is spinning. i want to cry but i cant and if i could it would just make the pain worse. the last er i went to really did try to help but got no answers. i am wondering if i need to be scanned with dye and they need to look at my neck too. i am wondering if thats where these problems r coming from. i have had my neck be sore but not feel like this. wed. night i couldnt touch my chin to my chest due to the neck pain. i am so lost.

thanks for listening to me go on and on i am really sorry. i really wish i knew some one was up that i could call at this hour. please dont worry about me doing anything stuoid even though as u can imangine my depression is starting to get pretty bad with all this. i have no desire to die just get relief that last more than a few hours and some SLEEP.

i will let your know what happens with the drs tomorrow. if i knew where the pain clinic was i would just go in but all i have is the drs name and a number. even when i was admitted they couldnt get ahold of the pain dr.

Just my luck no sleep from migraine. And the pain clinic is closed and my Neuro Dr is not in. I had to get up and take my friend for test. I am at the hospital that treated me like crap. My head is killing me the pain is so bad I have tears. Taking the Norco and valium r not helping my head but they r helping my back. My anxiety keeps getting really bad from the migraine and when it acts up my chest hurts. I thought valium helped anxiety but it’s not helping me. Why am I suffering? What did I do to deserve all this pain and misery?

Kind of dumb question, perhaps, but could you be having a heart attack? Apparently migraine sufferers are at greater risk for heart attacks and I remembered that my dad's jaw hurt him for quite a long time before he died of a heart attack. The symptoms aren't always pain in the chest. In fact, they can be:

  • jaw pain, toothache, headache;
  • pain, fullness, and/or squeezing sensation of the chest;
  • shortness of breath;
  • nausea, vomiting, and/or general epigastric (upper middle abdomen) discomfort;
  • sweating;
  • heartburn and/or indigestion;
  • arm pain (more commonly the left arm, but may be either arm);
  • upper back pain;
  • general malaise (vague feeling of illness); and
  • no symptoms (approximately one quarter of all heart attacks are silent, without chest pain or new symptoms and silent heart attacks are especially common among patients with diabetes mellitus).

Another thought: how is your blood pressure? Very high blood pressure can bring on killer headaches.

I hope you get some answers tonight!

i know my bp has been high at the ers but i figured it was due to pain. when i was admitted they did an ekg,echo, and lots of special blood test to check my heart. i really just want this to end. i am so pissed that the pain clinic was closed today and my neuro dr was not working.

ok so i went to my sisters to help her get the kids ready for the school halloween party. about ten minutes from her house i startedto feel really sick to my stomach and almost threw up. my head seems to hurt worse and i am not really sleeping at all due to all the pain. i know that not enough sleep has to be playing some role in all this.

my sister thinks it might b a rebound migraine but i dont cause i am not taking something every day. i really want to go to the hospital and tell them i am not leaving till my migraine is gone for good not just a few hours and then comes right back. i am tempted to tell them to put me in a coma for a couple days then see if my body will just go back to normal.

so i have had a ct and mri of my head neither with dye and neither showed my neck. could this all be an issue inmy neck that they will only find if they scan me with dye. i am running out of ideas as to what is causing me all this pain. i have had migraines for most of my life and never have i been so sick like this from one.

right now i am at my sisters with my brothers son who i watch everyother weekend. i just am not sure what to do. i am afraid that if i go to the er i will just be torchered by lights and sounds and not get relief. but at the same time i really dont think i can handle this pain much longer either. i am also really neasuas. that is just making things worse.

thanks my bp has been high i think its due to the pain. because when they get my pain somewhat under control it would go down. i did have my step dad did take me in sat. they ended up having to do a blood patch which hurt like hell. and i did get admitted again. i didnt sleep cause hte only meds i had was reglan and benadryl for the migraine. then my pain got really bad so they tried to give me a med i am allergic to i was pissed i came really close to taking it because i thought it was something different.

the only thing the hospital did was blood test and try to keep my migraine under control. i was so mad i kept telling them i thoight the problem was in my neck i told drs and and nurses and no one did anything. so i was sent home again still in pain and the only thing that got better was the headache from the spinal tap. nothing else is better.

i didnt want to go back to the hospital that my step dad took me too because they havent been helping.



I really hope you feel better soon. You are in my thoughts!


thank you so much. i am tring but its so hard. no drs seem to listen or care except the one hospital i was at on wednesday. the only problem it that hospiatl is the furthest away. its between 15-20 min. away. i know to some your likr that close but i seem to live in hospital central. everywhere u turn there is one.

well i am hoping that i can just fall asleep and sleep all day tomorrow so i dont realize i am in pain. while i was in the hospital i would gets meds passs out and wake up in pain agin. the onlt meds i had was toratoal,benadryl,reglan, and flexerial. nothing stronger than that. i was supposed to be sent home on flexerial but nope. i was supposed to get my neck checked too and that didnt happen either.

Stephanie, I'm getting ready to go to sleep but wanted to check in with you. I don't know what happened to our phone connection the other day and my phone has been largely nonfunctional thanks to this storm, even a day prior to it. I had no idea what had happened to you and left a message for you but I guess you couldn't get through to me again. i'm going to have to try to reach Sprint from my job and get them to fix my cell and landline too, unless it's from the storm.

Don't you have Medicaid now? Can't you make an appointment with a real doctor? Then again, it probably would take too long to get a first appointment. I suggest you try back at the farthest hospital. Fifteen to twenty minutes isn't bad and it doesn't make sense for you to go to hospitals that don't help you at all, especially as you must be sitting in the ER waiting room for hours and hours at a time with your migraine. Maybe they could run more tests to see what they find.

If you need to go tonight, don't hesitate and go. It's better to try and get an answer, as you can't stay in this much pain and not know why.

Please let us know how you make out there.


Okay, before I went to sleep, I went over some of your old posts to get an idea of your various symptoms, Stephanie. I have a strange possibility to suggest to you, but it does cover quite a few of your symptoms: shingles in your cranial nerve. Symptoms can include pressure in head, intense pain in ears, itching, burning, pain, tingling, extreme sensitivity, or numbness in some portion of the body, muscle weakness (in severe cases this could be tremors or even paralysis) Stomach-sickness, Headache, Chills, Fever, Fluid-filled fever blisters along with a red rash (can develop several weeks after other symptoms,) Itching and burning of the skin, Sensitivity to temperature changes, Increased sensitivity to touch.

Additionally, here is something written by someone who suffers from shingles in his cranial nerves:

Hi, I might have some answers for your head preasure. For six months (8-00 to 2-01)I had severe head preasure, ear ringing, sound and movement made me jump out of my skin, and yes high blood pressure,90/190 all to the point I had passed out. I was at a bad hospital, they said I was crazy and a hypocondriac because nothing showed up on all there tests. All they offered me was a shrink!!!Well glad to say I left that **** poor place and found my self an incredible hospital. Within two weeks I was diagnosed with SHINGLES in my cranial nerves and central nervous system. Six weeks of accyclovir and poof head preasure gone. The down side of it is, it caused perminate nerve damage, so some of the symptoms may never go away. What's left is Glossopherengial neuralgia, myoclonus and the tintinitis, to name a few. Maybe some other things they haven't found yet too. I am just so thankful that stupid head preasure is gone!!! Believe me it was on a scale of one to ten, a twenty! Good Luck All!!!
excuse the spelling!!!

Thank you so so much for the research. My cell died and I had no charger. I wanted so bad to call u back I know u must have been worried. Tonight I am stuck at home alone with no car. So if something happens I will have to call 911 and beg them to take me to the other Dr.
As far as the medical card I was told I had it but nothing in the mail saying so.
Thanks for showing that story. As usual my laptop time was cut short to try to avoid any more pain. I will look everything up in the morning. Call me anytime.I will make sure I carry an extra charger with me. Thank you for all the time u have put into helping me. It means the world to me.
I am going to try to sleep I hope being in a quite house in my own bed will help but with the pain it will take a miracle.
Thanks Stephanie.