Not been around

i know i havent been on lately. i am doing ok i am not in the hospital. the migraines r back and really bad. i have been sleeping alot. i have been checking my email on my phone so if u send me a message i will see it. i just wanted to let u know that i am doing ok. i hope this migraine doesnt last three months.


Hi Stephanie - I am so sorry you get migraines! I have had migraines for about 30 years now. Mine come from the Arthritis on both sides of my neck. I sometimes get them several times a week as well. I had 2 brain scans 2 years apart - and so far there hasn't been anything serious going on with me as far as a blood clot- that kind of thing. But those headaches really knock me for a loop! I used to take a really good medicine called ''cafergot'' - but it has been discontinued and so I can't get it anymore. I would try ''imitrex'' but it is outrageously expensive. So I buy Aspirin that has caffeine in it. Caffeine shuts down the vascular vein that is causing the headache. Works pretty well for me. I even carry a few in my purse, because my Migraines come at anytime, wherever I am. I have heard of Botox keeping the migraines away for up to 3 months. But that's expensive too. Sometimes we just can't win!! Take care of yourself, Stephanie - I know it's hard - I've been through it all and continue to go through it. Hugs!! Laurie

Oh no Stephanie, I really hope this passes fast unlike last time. Call when you feel up to it. Get better soon, xoxo Robin

Hi Stephanie, I’m sorry you had to cut our talk short earlier bec of that migraine… I’m thinking about you & praying it gets better, you said you have been sleeping a lot, did that happen last time also ?

sending you a big hug !!!

Hugs & blessings

I know how it is. I have not been on for a time too, Been in the HP, I am so glad you are back and hope the migraines go away.

Hi Steph,

Sorry you are still not feeling well. I am glad to see you checking in as we all love and miss you. Please keep us all updated on your health.


Have you tried Botox?

i am doing my best with taking care of myself. due to the ulcers i cant take nsaids. i do have a script for a migraine medicine that has tylenol,caffeine, and bulbuteral. it helps sometimes but if i take too many with in a few days time it will cause a rebound effect. i am tring to just lay down when i get one it is helping some.

no worries i will. i am helping a friend cause she had to have somethings done. i am helping her with the kids she watches. i got them both to nap at the same time today so i got some sleep. i wont have them tomorrow but i will thurs. and fri.

to be honest Dee i dont really remember if i slept alot or not. i have gotten lucky a few times and laid down right when the migraine hit and i woke up pain free but it didnt last long. thanks for the prayers

thanks Kieth. i hope u r doing well. being in the hospitsal sucks. i hope u got the help and answers u needed.

i will do my best to try to check in everyday. i know when we dont see people on for awhile we worrry. i didnt want anyone to think anything bad had happened.

i have not tried it. i have heard about it . i am supposed to hopfully get my disability around March. i will look into it then.

tring to think positive that this migraine will not last three months like the last one. right now i wish i could just sleep but my body doesnt seem to want to. one thing i can say is that my depression is not bad like it was last time so i hope that means i wont have to suffer so bad. having Symba has been great. i never thought a cat could make things so much better. well going to lay back down.

So very sorry you are hurting, I had a migraine every day for 2 months. The Dr. finally put me on Lyrica and with in a week the headaches were gone. My fibro pain was reduced to where sometimes I felt no pain at all. Sadly since Christmas I have has one stress after another so that means 1 continuous flare. I hope you can break the cycle soon and get some relief

thanks for the info i will talk to my dr next week when i see him. i hope and pray the u can get rid of some of your stress so that u can lessen your pain.

i am not sure how to break the cycle. right now i take a bp med and amatripline to help reduce migraines but they r not working so well. if i still have it nexy week i will ask my dr about finding something that will help. i am seeing my primary and they r not the best clinic. i hope they can help. i am actually going in to find out the results of the lupus test.

the migraines r getting more intense. it is making it hard to sleep. last night it felt like someone was hitting me over the head with a hammer. i am hoping that tonight i can just pass out with no problems.

i am not any better. infact i am worse. now my stomach and pelvic area r in intense pain. and for some reason my knee is killing me too. why does everything has to come all at once. well i am off to bed i hope i just pass out quickley.

i hope everyone else is ok. i havent been able to get on much to respond to any dissucions cause being on makes my head hurt worse.

Hi Eeyore - I am sorry you are not doing well. When my Fibro was diagnosed many years ago, I started getting migraines too. I still get them to this day - but not as often. I just get SO sick when I get the headaches. I am glad you are back with us though. I've gotten to know everyone so well now, that I know when somebody is ''missing!'' LOL Sure hope your headache will clear up soon!1 Love, Laurie

thanks Laurie

i am glad that u r enjoying this site as much as me. the friends on here r like no other. i have suffered with migraines for 14 years. they seem to be getting worse with intensity and symptoms. the only good thing is that most of mine are preceded by an aura. this helps cause i can take meds right when that starts and sometimes lesson the pain. i also suffer from hemiplegic migraines these one do not hurt more than others but the efffect they have on me r horriable. i lose the ablilty to form words and to use the left side of my body. the parlisis last for a few hours followed by weakness on that side for days. my speach takes about 2 days to return to normal. all in all the whole thing takes 3-4 days to recover from. i dont get them very often thank goodness.

i am glad that your migraines r not too bad.