Migraine not going away

i know we all suffer from headaches and migraines. there are so many different kinds. for those of u that didnt know there r even different types of migraines that cause strange symptoms.

anyways my question is can it be normal for a migraine to last for over a week? could it be part of a flare? i am use to a migraine that last for up to three days but its been a week with no relief. i have no money to see my neuro dr which probably not help much cause he would just want test done anyways so it would end up being more than one visit anyways.

i feel like i am going to go crazy. it seems like the only break i get is when i am sleeping. i have tried several types of meds with no relief. i cant take triptans due to a type of migraine that i have. so that leaves me pretty much with otc migraine meds. narcotics help at times but i dont have any. i have had to b admitted once before for a migraine they ran several test but nothing showed up.

if any one has any natural remidies or otc combos that have helped please let me know. i have tried ice to the back of my neck, decongestions, and caffinie plus excedrine migraine all with no help.

I use imigran 50 mg orally and it works for me.Barb

Thank you very much I did look up that medicine and it’s in the class I cant take. I have migraines called hemiplegic migraines and if I take triptans they can cause me to have a stroke. I had never heard of this med and I am always doing searches to find new meds I might b able to take

What a shame, I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to manage without meds. Take care I hope you find something soo. barb

I have these kinds of migraines, they are very annoying and yes I've had them to last for over a week. You are right no medicine seems to help it . . .I make sure that I wear my glasses and not my contacts, I keep the lights in the house dimmed or off as much as possible. I drink lots of water, do some yoga (it helps to really relieve the stress and puts my mind at ease) and that usually does the trick, the migraine does not fully go away right away but putting myself at ease helps it go away. i found that if I get agitated when i get migraines and start trying different meds and getting frustrated then it makes them worse so I make sure to relax. .sounds like nothing but its the only natural way i can cure them. I take no meds for them, I drink tea with lemon and honey, and relax. . .if you havent tried it, give a try and see what happens. . .hopefully it helps.

If you can take 2 aspirin, 2 extra stregth tylenol and no more caffeine than a cup of coffee or a glass of soda, this is the same as taking OTC excedrine. I do this when I am out of my OTC. The funny part is the trick for this to work is the caffeine, no one knows why. Good luck and I hope you feel better.

Have to tried trigger point massage or acupuncture? I had steroid injections from the base of my neck to c7. I have had four or give migraine since then and used to have them for weeks at a time. I have found too many pills and caffeine made them last longer. Maybe you should go to the WE for morphine or femoral injection? Hope you feel better soon.

I mean ER not WE.

I don't know how old you are, or even if you're female, but the only time I get migraines, that last a week or more, is the week before my menstrual cycle (every other month). The second my menstrual cycle begins, the migraines diminish. I take sumitriptan for my migraines, and the only time it doesn't work, is when the migraines are hormonal migraines. I wonder if you're having a hormonal migraine?

I do get them around the start of my cycle but this one didn’t start then it was right after actually. Thanks for responding

I have never had any type of massage. I may end up in the er I am about at theend of my rope. I need to have relief soon. If I can I will get a massage but with no money I don’t know how soon that will happen.

Thanks for giving me that combo I will have to try it. I don’t drink a lot of caffeine I usually only have 2 cans of pop a day the rest of the day I drink water. Caffeine helps open blood vessels and usually people who get headaches r having a withdrawal from caffeine that is why u see it headache meds.

Just a thought, have they made sure that this is NOT allergy or sinus related?

I know my husband suffered these when I met him. Once we moved into this house, they just stopped. I also threw away his 'accent' food seasoning aka msg. Those are the 2 things I can pinpoint, but they may not be the answer! Just thought I would share this with you!

I once bought him Excedrin Migrane when he was out of his regular med, and they really helped him without knocking him out!

I don't know where I heard or read about this, but it seems like botox works for migranes. I think it was on the Dr. Oz show.

Eeyoreluver, so sorry about the excruciating migraines! Maybe ER is the best place for you right now. Can they do a scan there?

You might want to try massage schools in the future, cheap way to get a massage.

thanks for sharing!

I have actually had more than 1 Dr tell me I have migraines. As well as the hemiplegic migraines. I do use excedrine migraine it usually helps but nothingIs helping now. A lot of times I take the excedrine and lay down in my dark room when I wake up migraine is gone.

I think I heard that too but I hate needles. Going to the er can b a pain for me.

Thanks for telling me about the schools I will check into that. I do usually do get scanned at the er cause I only go when I am having an unusual migraine. I am going to give it one more day I will try some of the things suggested.

Should you wait that long? I'm no migraine expert but over a week with a headache seems like a looooong to be ill. Of course, the last place you want to sit for hours on end is an ER. Siiiigh.

I sometimes get hormonal headaches during my period and am able to reduce their intensity by drinking 2 cups of tea. Something about the steam heat seems to help. maybe you could heat up a wet hand towel (not too hot!) and place it on the base of your neck to ease the pain there too.

Wish I could give more tips but I only suffer from stress/TMJ headaches and rubbing a sore area oftentimes relieves the pain. One other thing I use is Tiger Balm, which is a bit like Ben Gay. I rub it on the sore areas (not on the eyelids though or under the nostrils, as it stings a bit there.)