Looking for a good doctor

i also meant add cheap too b/c i dont have insurance right now

Good luck with finding doctors. When i was first diagnosed by Dr. Branum i went to Fayetteville to Dr. Saitta for a second opionion. He agreed with Dr. Branum and said i just had to deal with it. Ugh. I was approved for disability in november of last year and my medicare is finally kicking in in April. It has been very tough because i can not take my meds the way i am supposed to. I also went down for 2 months with sinuses, allergies, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Praying you get the relief you need soon.

i was seeing Dr Ross at the Cornerstone Clinic in Van Buren and then i moved to Greenbrier and its like almost 3 hours so it got hard having the money for gas, the dr visit was like $100 b/c i dont have insurance, and the getting my scripts filled. He had me on Tramadol 50 mg qty 180 monthy and Flexril qty 90 monthy..I have a 5 year old son so i couldnt take the Flexril like i needed b/c he made my drowsy so i only took it at night after my son when to bed. He didnt think i had Fibromyalgia. I have sclerosis too so he thought it was that and i was stilling have problems from the car accident i was in almost 5 years ago. My doctor in Greenbrier basically said the same thing so i started seeing the doctor my ex saw when he was younger. He instantly knew that i had Fibro and gave me some Lyrica samples to try but wouldnt give me anything else. The Lyrica helped some but he really helped w/ a Tramadol w/ it. Me and my ex fiancee broke up in Jan so im back in Fort Smith and the doctor i was seeing before i moved retired last year. Idk what to do. I have one sample of Lyrica left and one script of Tramadol left. So I need to find a good one soon. Was it hard to file for disability for Fibro. I heard that u have to go through alot of testing to basically make sure u wasnt lying bout it. I havent been able to work since 2009. Im so sorry Im praying for u get some relief soon too and if i can find a good doctor i will instantly let u know.

Sorry when im hurting i became a chatter box..lol...I hope u get to feeling better soon hon :)