Seeking good dr. near Fairfield Il

This is my first post. Finally got diagnosed lil over year ago. I live in small town in Wayne City Il. Was wandering if anybody out there was near me who can recommend a good dr. I see my local dr and also rheumatologist on Evansville In. I have severe anxiety and can not drive in big cities. It is hard for me to find family members who has to miss work in order to take me. Besides I can barely even take the ride cuz terrified of interstates. So if anyone can help I would really appreciate it. I have been on 300mg gabapentin 3x a day, 60mg cymbalta, 15mg mobic. At bedtime I take 20mg amitriptylin, 4mg tizanidine, .25 mirapex. I also take vit b and d. Since all this started I have high bp, high cholesterol, so naturally I have to take med for that to not counting 40mg protonix for reflux and prn xanax. I think I take 17 pills a day and hate it. I originally felt a lot better but now it seems like it's not helping. Does anybody know if you can get immune to the med or if they need uped. I am in so much pain and neither dr.s will give me any pain med or better muscle relaxers. I know they say pain med will not help with fibro but wish I could decide that for myself. I am not a pill popper and that's what they make me feel like. Thought it would be easier since I got diagnosed so I would not think I was crazy anymore. Had to go to specialist to see if I had ms and that was one of the worst days. He acted like I was nuts and waiting his time. Now that I have answer still no relief. What I did have was short lived. My days are hopeless and never ending. So can anyone help or have suggestions?

Hello peanut,

I am sorry to hear what you are going through, and it seems there is no-one in your area to recommend a good Doc. As you have a Doc and rheumy already that you are seeing, is it that you are feeling they don't 'get' this tricky condition? I am in UK, so sadly can't help with the Doc. i think it's important you get on with Doc and have a good relationship. In my experience you can find other ways to manage, such as pacing, mindfulness, relaxation, there are groups here you might like to join to help you with this. I have tried to form a better relationship with my pain, not always being 'in the battle'. Finally can I suggest you go back to doc and review your meds, it sometimes takes a while to get the right combination. I wish you well,

Take care, Anne