Has anybody taken Lycria? my dr. wants to put me on it instead of my taking my pain meds. seems as if the one of the doctors in the main clinic was writing prescriptions for meds and the people were selling them, because whenthey would come in for blood work they didn’t have the drugs in there system. I live in a small town in north east texas and its hard for me to go find a dr who treats fibro, the doctors offices I have called won’t take me on as a patient becasue I have no insurance. Any ideas?

Hiya Jennie,
I have just been swapped from Gabapentin to Lyrica, It seems to be working better for me than the Gabapentin, I am still on quite a low dose at the moment as I am having PENS theapy next week, I have found less side effects with the Lyrica and of course there is the less tablets to take which is always welcome, I only take 2 a day instead of the 8 gabapentin.

Hope you get on with it.


Hi, Jennie. I haven’t tried Lyrica. Not sure I will, either. It’s very similar to Neurontin, which I’m allergic to, and the most common side effect of Lyrica is weight gain, and I’ve just lost 50lbs … not about to start gaining that back! Here’s a helpful link for Lyrica info …

No insurance sucks. Believe me, I know. As far as medical insurance goes, I have nothing to offer except trying your local Department of Social Services. As far as prescriptions are concerned, there are TONS of prescription programs available online, as well as at various pharmacies. I know you said you live in a small town, but most of the national chain pharmacies have a prescription program. There’s usually an annual fee, but completely worth it. I belong to the Walgreens prescription plan … it costs $20/yr for a single person, $35/yr for family coverage. Just paid $12 yesterday for my son’s $125 medication. Can’t get much better. Also, WalMart has a slew of $4 prescriptions. And a lot of times, if you go to the website of the manufacturer for your med, you’ll find that they are participating in some kind of assistance program. Some you can even get your meds for free! Just Google “prescription assistance”.

I take Lyrica. I’m on 100mg twice a day. It’s helped me a little. I haven’t noticed a big difference. I also take Mobic. I’m trying to get my doctor to switch me to tramadol. I haven’t seen a pain specialist yet. That appointment isn’t until December. I’m hoping he will help. Some days are good, some aren’t. I was pretty sore yesterday. It’s the worst in the morning.

I do take Lyrica and it does seem to help with my TN not as much for the FMS as I would like it to I also take muscle relaxers and Demerol for pain.
I take 75mgs. four times a day, Neurontin I was up to 3500mgs a day and had awful break through pain.
Unfortunately the Lyrica has caused me to gain weight and so did the Neurontin:((
I have been considering having my Dr. change my meds due to the fact I can not afford all this weight gain I also have OA and the weight gain has been raking havoc on my joints!
Hope this helps you out, Have a wonderful and pain free day! Soft hugs, KAren

I started Lyrica this week and have had no relief at all…I am trying to get in touch with my pharmacist and talk to him, but haven’t been able to get him on the phone yet, I want to see if I can take my tramadol in between my lyruca. now with this lovely weather in texas, it is killing my body!!! I live south of texarkana, tx and north of marshall, tx and my sister just called and said it is snowing in marsahll…so i guess if i want anyhting to eat this week-end i need to get up and go to the store before it starts here as i live 10 miles from any town…will let ya’ll know the out come of my talk with my pharmarcist…and whether ot not I go back to tramadol forever!!! take care everyone and stay warm and healthy!!

I tried for a few days, but have had to stop because my intestines cramped up and i got no relief. I have not heard back from my dr so i called my pharmicist and he said to stop taking lycria because it was probably messing with my crohns disease. after a day or so after stopping lycria my intestines have stopped cramping, but still no word from my dr. just goes to show how much drs care about their patients around here.

also, one reason i haven’t been around much is my son possibly has hep c. we are taking him to a specialty clinic and they are doing tests on him, hope to findout more next week. hope everybody has a safe and warm week and week-end.

Diana Parker said:

Did you try the Lyrica? Does it work for you?

I’m still taking the lyrica. The dr. took me off of the mobic and put me on tramadol. I feel better. I still have a bad day now and then but for the most part, I’m pain free. Hang in there. I’m sure you’ll find a medication that works.

hi my name is shondelle and im on lyrica for about a year i got all the way to 75mgs before i started to buggin out so i just went back to my rheumy and he lower it back to 50mg it diffence for everyone who on it thats my story about it

I took Lyrica for almost a year. I had lost a lot of weight but it started to come back once I was on the drug. I kept asking my rhematologist to take me off of it but he kept upping the dose. When I finally did come off of it I had gained all the weight I’d lost back and then some. I don’t think this is a good drug for me. It helps some people and if it does - great. But be careful because it has side effects.

I took it for awhile and it really messed up my eyes. I could not see clearly for over a year.

I now take Savella and Gabapentin.

I took it for awhile and gained 80 lbs. didn’t help with the pain.

Hi, first my doctor put me on Cymbalta, then Savella and now Lyrica. I do not feel that it is helping. He is going to ween me off of it. Luckily I did not have any side effects, but I did gain weight. Now I just swim; that is the only therapy that feels good and helps with the pain. I’m lucky I live in Hawaii and use an outdoor pool. I am now looking into using the protocol of Dr. S. Amand who has a clinic in California. He, himself, had fibro as well as his wife. I joined a support group and some people feel much better, so I’m going to follow Dr. Amand’s advice. His Book is called " What Your Doctors Don’t Tell You About Fibromyalgia." It makes sense to me! Can’t hurt to try it since I’ve just about tried everything else!

please tell us how the book was, and did you find any helpful idea's in it?

I take Lyrica and it's saved my butt with fibro. Unfortunately for me, the fibro keeps catching up and poking its head out through the Lyrica pain relief. But I'll take it. The Lyrica makes me functional. On a good day it reduces the pain and puts me in a bit of a haze so I don't care as much anyway. Okay, not ideal but we're dealing with fibro, so anything is fair to use, to me.

See, that's too bad those idiots were abusing the pain meds in your clinic. It's people like them who've ruined it for us so that we can no longer get them although we need them.

Can you apply for Tanif and Medicaid? I have no idea what the qualifications are but if you meet them, you could get medical care from Medicaid.

in my opinion, the Lyrica is worth a try. It's better than nothing. I will warn you, though, that you might initially experience a great amount of dizziness and fatigue. It does get better once you've been on the Lyrica for a while. It has for me.

Good luck! i hope you get some pain relief from the Lyrica.


I strongly suggest that you read what the FDA wrote about him and the clinic. Apparently his clinic is using stem cells that the FDA has never been shown and has no idea how they were grown, since the clinic hasn't provided any info on them, which is illegal. The clinic is also injecting these rogue stem cells into the patients who go there, using them as human guinea pigs. And finally, I read discussions from people who went there and ended up with terrible flares. Google the name of his clinic, Envita, followed by the word "fraud" and you'll be amazed to see what comes up. This is NOT a place I'd want to ever go to.

PS: Here is the link to the FDA warning letter. It clearly states that Envita is using their product on their clients without ever having submitted information on the product to the FDA, which is illegal. The terminology is hard to wade through but very important to see and understand, as it shows this clinic to be seriously deficient in its practices on clients and in providing legal info to the FDA on its products.