Me Day Success

Had my me day today. Didn't get dressed and didn't even comb my hair! Only washed my face and brushed my teeth. Not even a shower. Maybe I am taking this 'me' day a little to the extreme? I didn't cook or do any dishes and the house was already clean, thank goodness. Stayed in bedroom and read, watched tv and played games on computer and slept. My mom kept strolling by my room on her walker and I think she was either checking to see if I was alive or else she wanted to make me feel guilty that she was having to do everything herself. I have a feeling she is a little miffed with me but I don't care. I only had to say about 20 words to my husband. And the best part is that my fibro pain was at a minimum. I only had to take one pain pill today instead of the usual two and I really only needed the one to get myself downstairs to get coffee this morning and to get to the bathroom. Success is sweet! (I think on my next 'me' day I will have coffee brought to me in bed - or maybe that is pushing it too far)

You go girl!! Being kind to ourselves really pays off, doesn't it? Maybe this will start a trend and others will be taking "me days" like you. I love it. I was waiting to see you comment on this. How many days in a month will be "me" days?


I guess it would be selfish of me to say 30 days?!

Now you're talkin! ha ha

Good for you, Jo, you deserve as many as you can get!

i am so excited to hear about your success. i am glad u able to not let your mom get to u i know that must have been a little hard. it sounds like this could really help u. i am just so happy it went far as no shower or combing your hair i dont think that should b a worry on your me days. and yes if stairs r a problem in the morning i dont see why one day a week someone cant bring u coffee and also ome breakfast even its just a muffin or fruit. keep us posted on how your me days have helped u.