Too tired to shower?

Has anyone felt this way on certain days? I've been experiencing this for quite some time now--feeling like simply showering is some huge uphill climb. I've recently realized it's not mainly taking the shower itself though; a lot of it is the post-shower primping that makes me feel so fatigued. I am vigilant about hygiene and normally shower every other day, sometimes daily (during very hot days in summer, special occasions, etc.). I have began showering at night and then leaving the 'primping' (doing hair and makeup) until the next morning. This breaks it up so there is less rush and fatigue...I also have my PJ's already set out for after my shower & choose and set aside my outfit out for the next day beforehand.

Does anyone else have any coping mechanisms for this issue?

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Hello, I'm new here but I''m in complete agreement with you. The thought of showering and the process before and after exhausts me. I'm probably not in the best state of mind right now because my pain is very bad today. LOL. It is hard for me to take showers. I love them because they are relaxing and I would stay in them all day because of the heat from the water and steam but to wash my hair hurts and then to get out and get dressed. My hair is always in a ponytail because fixing it up just hurts. I know where you are coming from.

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Only recently my husband called me on the floor about this. I was showering about 1 time a week. I am working on it are right it is a job of its own...especially for women.

Yes indeed Les,

By the time you get ready to go somewhere, you're just too tired to go! Sounds like the plight of an ancient one, but just not so is it? I used to think it was ridiculous watching a movie where a King or Queen was bathed, dressed, and made up, and they never lifted a finger, now I think it would be rather wonderful!

I am picturing a big handsome blonde haired man, Sweedish I think, only English he could speak would be the words "Ya, Ya"!!!! Are you in, girlfriend?? LOL!!

Nice to see you in the discussions, we need you!


I'm at the point where I am still ok to shower as long as i'm not washing my hair. that is when it nearly kills me because my hair is halfway down my butt lol. My Occupational Therapist is putting in for a seat that you can put in the bath to sit on while your showering.

Reading this makes me feel better. I am not alone. I recently realized this is becoming an issue for me too. Problem is the appearance of my hair is getting to me.I recently went into a bath and body store and decided to get a few scented bath gels to inspire me a little and to fight this urge to forgo it. I look in the mirror more often now. Yes, it does feel like a uphill climb.

Wow your post is making me feel much better! I have been struggling with this for several years. The whole process of washing my hair, drying, curling it plus makeup is enough to zap my energy. As a result I love days when I’m not working and can stay in my pajamas. I find that if I can sit while showering and drying my hair, etc it is easier. Otherwise my pain really goes wild and it seems impossible to control it. To make the primping process more enjoyable I frequently purchase new eyeshadows etc so that I look forward to putting on makeup. I’m a big Sephora fan. I also like Lush because their soaps smell so great and they have products you can drop in the shower that smell wonderful.

Hi joanie its suzyq what does your Occupational Therapist for you does it make you feel better how long have you been been seeing one my sister suggested seeing a physical therapist. Its also diffict for me to shower and wash my hair have to do tb
On seperate days and after a shower the rest has to be done sitting. down depend.di g on the day so much energy for the shower ?

Taking a shower has been difficult for me for years. I feel embarrassed that I don't feel up to taking one most days. The worst part from me is washing my hair. Putting my arms up on or over my head hurts and it's taxing to to keep my arms up long enough to get the shampoo/conditioner in and then rinsed out. I'm working on not making a big deal out of it. Sometimes thinking about only laying in a bubble bath and not all the other things that go along with taking a bath helps.

i struggle with this too. i usually take my showers at night because i was told it would help with allergy problems. there r so many nights were i dread getting inthe shower. i usually feel a little better from taking one but just the thought can make me tired. the only thing i can telll u that might help is if u have to shower during the day because u have to go out try to plan taking a shower then rest and wait a little while b 4 getting all dressed up and doing your hair and makeup. i try to give my self about an hour inbetween if i can. hope this gets better 4 you.

i feel better knowing im not the only one in this situation

Hi Cori!

Good to hear from you! Aren't we a sad bunch? My grandson gets mad at me when I get on him about bathing, and says well, how about you? Yep, out of the mouths of babes!


To add to my fun my 7 year old son likes to battle with me at bath time. I am ready to collapse by the time he is finally ready to get out. That's the fun part- once he is in he won't get out.

absolutly. It's the whole process of it. But especially on days that my skin hurts and the thought of the water hitting it just makes me want to cry. On days like that, but I still need to freshen up, I use sanitary wipes. I would love to take a bath, but mine is not big enough and uncomfortable. Plus if I am having a "weak" day, it is hard for me to pull myself out of the tub as well.

I'm a bathtub baby, it is very soothing to a bad back. I have an old time tub on my wish list, the kind you can lie back in and soak, without breaking your body!

When we bought the house, it came with a hot tub on a side deck. It had it's good points, but there was really no temp control on it, you froze getting out of it in the winter, it ran constantly, and you had to use a tremendous amount of chemicals in the water.

As our luck goes, we had it serviced, bought a new lid, had broken jets replaced, bought chemicals and it broke down! When we called for service again were told the business had been sold, and that because of the age of the tub, recommended that we replace it with a new one. We thought about it and declined, put the broken tub on the internet and gave it away to anyone who would come to get it, and a nice young family came and got it!

I'm working now so have to shower daily but when I wasn't I was waiting until the evening, because I didn't have the energy and my body hurt worse all morning.

I’m glad to know I’m not alone on this issue, why is it so exhausting to do something so easy, I’m out on disability right now , but when I was working I had to shower at night. When I have a special event I have to schedule my shower, resting multiple times when getting ready. It’s really hard to adjust to this life !

I'm getting to the point now where it's difficult to stand in the shower. Washing my hair is horrible :( even brushing it! I'm glad to see i'm not the only one with this problem. I've thought about just getting a really short haircut so I wouldn't have to brush/wash it so much, lol! I've found two things that help, one is taking a bath at night and washing my hair in the bath, that way you can just dunk your head in the water to get the soap off. The other thing is I have a shower stool that I bring in the shower with me, sometimes I put my head down a bit so my arms don't have to be up as long while washing my hair.

I've given up on make-up and styling because everything seems to set off my skin and scalp into itchy red crazyness :/

I just now found this thread and felt compelled to leave a comment. I used to love my I can't have one b/c I don't have the strength to get OUT of the tub. The Fibro has really done a bad number on my muscles...etc. Sooo...I switched to showers for awhile and wouldn't you just know that I became too weak and dizzy to get my showering safely done. Now I have to sit on a bathing chair in my tub to have a shower....what next I ask myself. I, too, have always been super vigilant about hygiene but this dreadful Fibro has put me on a short list of priorities now. Oft times, it's the old fashioned way of cleaning the body....with a wash cloth & the sink. LOL

Geranium–I also often get (mildly) lightheaded/dizzy/weak in the shower; this usually occurs when my shower is very warm & I am taking longer than usual for whatever reason (shaving, the drain suddenly acting up, etc…).
Have you ever been told you have low blood pressure? The last time I got mine taken at the doctors, it was about 100/50 some I think? She said it was a little low but that because I am thin & younger that it wasn’t bad at all or anything. I get lightheaded easily though and my boyfriend gets concerned about me and thinks my blood pressure may be too low.
Anyway, I know it’s hard not to wonder ‘what next?’ in a negative way, but I’ve been trying to take it day by day. What if your symptoms start to get better or an amazing overall treatment is found?! (I do tend to be optimistic–it’s also in my genes!).
Hang in there!!