Medial branch block

Has anyone had a medial branch block. Even though he numbed me, a few of the spots were painful enough to bring tears to my eyes. I’m just wondering if the Fibro makes us more sensitive to pain. I thought I had felt the worst pain ever, but this is close!

Yes, I have had these, they target the facets, and I have degenerative facet disease (DFD). These injections are NO FUN, I had a very difficult time, as they could never get me numb or never allowed me enough time to get numb.

They are trying to decide where the pain is coming from and if these help you. The best advice I can give you, as a patient, is to be familiar with all PM procedures, that way you will have a better idea of things to come.

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Yes fibro makes us more sensitive to pain... mainly because the body also interprets pressure as pain... our nerves do not behave properly you see and therefore the doctor should have numbed you with EMLA or similar before they gave you injections. xx


You asked if the Fibro makes us more sensitive to pain. This is a hard question to answer because it is hard to accept. In the beginning years of Fibro, I was dealing with horrific pain like nothing I'd ever experienced. I would get a flare in my back that wold attach itself to the back of my lung so every time I took a breath (not even a deep one), it felt like someone was stabbing me through the back and through the lung with a rusty, dull sword. And I felt like a survivor every time the flare lessened. For years, I was under the assumption that I dealt with pain so much better than those without FM.

Then the truth came crashing down. It turns out that my brain is incorrectly communicating pain signals. What would be a nothing pain for someone with no FM, is a flare in the FM-afflicted individual. I didn't want to hear this (when I first heard it) because I felt it devalued me as a man, husband, father, son and brother. The reality is that it does nothing to define me unless I let it do so. Again, everyone has their cross to bear or a responsibility that you must accept because you cannot change it. For me, it is Fibro (and a few other condition that make my life so very interesting.)

Hi my name is Ann and I have recieved several shots 3 different epidurals and 2 lumbar facet shots and none of them worked as a matter of fact I pretty sure it made it worse I am not getting any more I just want to see if it caused more damage so beware

I have chronic pain and if my pain doctor won’t give me something stronger, I am going to have to find another doctor. Period. I can’t live this way anymore.

Take care.

Have you asked if there are alternatives to what is being done now? Just wondering....

I have never had a medial branch block, but I can tell you that with other procedures my fibro has amplified the pain. I take gabapentin for neural pain, and if I reach a certain level, then it is time for spinal surgery. Is a block the only alternative for you?

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Susan (Scribelle)

The medial branch block is a diagnostic test to see if I the pain I have is coming from the facet joint. It seems to have worked. I will have to have it done one more time to be sure, then they will burn the nerves which will last 6-12 months. I just didn’t expect it to be as painful as it was. Thanks all

I always thought I handled pain pretty well until fibromyalgia made it's awful appearance in my life. My body is so over sensitive to the slightest pain it is awful. Three c-sections are nothing compared to this daily painful existence. I tore a muscle in the thoracic part of my back on the right side about 5 1/2 years ago and my life became more difficult. The muscle healed but now I have chronic inflammation and pain in that part of my back and referred pain up and down my right side. I have had pain that has had me crying for some type of relief only to face the harsh reality that there was none. Sslakemom, never doubt that the pain you feel is real and I hope you find relief quickly!


Ladybug…thank you. I had brain surgery for Chiari Malformation 19 months ago…and I have had chronic pain since then. So unfortunately I’ve been sent from doc to doc because no one can pin point the problem. I am finally getting some relief from the daily pain,but I do seem unusually sensitive to pain more so than ever. It even hurts getting a blood test…which the vampires don’t believe at all and just think I’m a wimp. It’s tiring.

I am sorry to hear you are going from doctor to doctor. That is exhausting. Don't feel bad about blood tests, I was so afraid to have one done for the longest time until I just told myself I can do this and handle the pain like I handle everything else. May you get some relief soon and you are not alone ever!!!!! Our pain is very real and if someone does not understand that well they get kicked to the curb in my life.


I had the pain blocks years ago before a proper fibro diagnosis. My personal opinion is against. Our nerves are the slowest re- generating parts of our bodies naturally. And we with fibro know that our nerve endings do not react correctly. I found myself in more pain from the initial trying to find the correct nerve to block itself. Than the procedure was worth to me. Just bear I mind these thoughts please.

Oh, my sweet ladybug3, I am so sorry you have gone through this! Do you have myofascial trigger points from the injury? I have them from top to bottom from injuries and breast cancer surgery. I also have chronic inflammation.. The trigger points refer to other points as well - one might say that "they make friends who make friends" until the pain spreads all over. A torn muscle could do that. Have you looked into myofascial pain and trigger points?

You are right - the pain is real!

Soft, pain-free hugs,

Susan (Scriibelle)

I've had medial branch block a few times although I was sedated for the procedure. I have found that most fibromyalgia sufferers have a low threshold for pain and tend to be more sensitive.