Migraines and TMJD

I looked a little but didn't see a migraine thread - if I missed it, please let me know!!

So part of my lovely Fibro includes/or runs concurrently with, whatever, my TMJD. My jaw is just nice and crooked. And this next part might happen with or without the TMJD, but this is what I get: when I get stressed (good OR bad) and everything tenses up, that includes my jaw/neck/back/shoulders, etc., it can build up to a nice headache. If I'm SUPER lucky that day and don't catch it in time, it turns into a full blown migraine. Weeeeee! No end to the fun.

I know everyone reacts to different meds differently, I just wondered if any of you dealth with TMJD, too, or migraines, or both.

Re. the meds: I've tried different stuff on and off over the years, most recently was Midrin - which didn't really work. Max dosages and eventually it went away, but the migraines were lasting 2 to 3 days, so I'm doubting the med ever worked. The migraine just ended eventually. lol

So the new one, I've had before and didn't recall it working, but Doc wanted me to try it anyway: Imitrex.

I don't get it. Does this work for anyone?? I'm pretty sure I would have had more effect from chewing up a tic tac. I just wondered if anyone else has EVER found this to be effective?

Now I guess I have to run the gambit of trying different ones to see what works. Frustrating and long process, since I don't thankfully get migraines everyday. Although for a while there, it was a lot more frequent. (Before I knew about the TMJD - makes more sense now.)

p.s. I hope this all comes out coherent enough for conversation. Honestly, I had zero sleep last night, meds today, I'm tired, and I'm hungry. And of course, in pain.

Be well - Jen

I am tired so not sure I am reading everything well.

I was given one of the mouth pieces, the plastic things that cover the top teeth for TMJ... now that does not take it away but it sure shops me from gitting teeth as I sleep. I learned to heat it, it is not getting any metabolism I am sure, so the cells must be heated up. Without burning myself, I was told to take a blow dryer on low speed and just let it go into my ear slowly and carefully until the ear got warm inside. Also those rice bags you can make in a sock with raw rice work great in the microwave and then applied to the face. You know what, they helped me go to sleep... that warm rice next to my jaw just soothed me and put me to sleep.

I use to suffer from Migraine with the coming of the baropressure lows and highs and winds, but I live in Costa Rica now and that has all stopped as has much of the fibromyalgia. Still can't metabolise anything though! I find that TMJ hits me worse when there is a low pressure system coming and the upper winds blow hard. Time to get out the rice pack and heat up my jaws and ears. Doc says the mouth piece is for life... annoying but works.


Imitrex works great for migraine but you have to take it at first signs of aura. It is like magic for me. I did find generic not as effective however.

Hi Jen

I am a long time sufferer of chronic daily migraine headaches. I sure feel for you because working through migraines and headaches is the hardest thing in the world because it also impacts your cognition. I have found a few remedies that help for me over the years.

number 1- is botox which i get regularly injected every three months (2 doses) and I get the injections in the back of my neck, head, and jaw, which really helps because I constantly grind my teeth (annoying, but I can't stop it!) . The botox for me takes about 2 weeks to "kick in" then I get about 6 weeks of only reduced less intense pain. I can certainly still get migraines in there as the botox is more about tension type headaches. For Migraines i basically drink a lot of water, use ice packs on my head, and sometimes take T3, tramadol or ** Relpax (which is costly at about $20.00 per pill- but is AMAZING for me for Migraines) I am lucky that I have extended benefits, so these meds are pretty much covered for me, so if you have the option/resources to look into these options, they have provided some relief for me.

I have also heard of some clinics who provide botox for free for clients who are in debilitating pain. I think you would have to sort of look around for something ilke that. Anyways GOOD LUCK!!!

$20 a pill omg but I guess you can't eat when you are that sick anyway so... but $20 a pill poor thing.