Hi everyone, I have had terrible problems with migraines every month (around that time of the month). It practically incapacitated for almost a week at a time. I was on the depo provera shots but my calcium levels were low on a blood test so I stopped getting them. I see my doctor next week but I don’t know how I am going to manage if this happens every month along with terrible stomach cramps!
. Does anyone have any ideas. I can’t use heat at the moment cos it is too hot on the Gold Coast, aust. Please help if you can!

The migraines started after I stopped the depo. When I was on it I didn’t get a period and although I spotted at the beginning there were no Pms symptoms. My calcium levels came back low even though I take calcium tablets and osteoporosis runs in my family (plus already have back degeneration) so I didn’t want to risk it. Depo starts to deplete your calcium levels after a few years.

I will ask about the neurologist I went to one a while back to check that I did not have ms because fibro symptoms are so similar. No ms thank goodness but the fibro is bad enough!

I’ve had migraines since I was 13. They were worse either right before, during or after my period. Also liked to pop up while ovulating, which made it seem never ending. When I would get them bad, I started with midrin, then tried imitrex (blood pressure got to high on this one) and now use Zomig, which works well for me. I also started on a beta blocker in the morning, to be proactive and took amitriptylene 25 mg. at night. That seemed to help reduce the severity for years, but as I got older additional blood pressure meds had to be added. At the first sign of a headache coming on I take the generic version of fioricet ( very inexpensive) which seems to keep many at bay. I went through my diet and eliminated triggers like orange juice unless I freshly squeeze it myself, anything with MSG or the like, and large quantities of milk chocolate. I can eat dark chocolate, but nothing more than a few m& m’s. you may want to do an Internet search on triggers of migraines. I can’t be at a wedding when they turn the lights off and start up that useless disco ball. The strobes give me one everytime! Weather also gets me, when the barometric pressure drops. I hope you can get them in check. It’s so debilitating and I missed many family events with my head in the toilet!

I don't know if your on birth control pills? But my daughter was just like you, turned out the pills were causing the cramps and headaches. She had to quit them. Hope this helps :)

Hi Dominique,
I can definitely relate! Migraines actually run in my family and in our case are related to food issues ~ i.e. chocolate and red wine, and hormone/menstrual cycle issues. I actually went ON birth control at one point to prevent the migraines (and to help with cramps & a very irregular cycle) but then after a few years I recognized that the additional hormones were causing more problems than they were helping. Fortunately my health care system has a headache specialist in the neurology dept. She was able to help me identify a number of triggers for my headaches, which helped me avoid a lot of them. Also, the specialist recommended taking some vitamins ~ B-2 Calcium and Magnesium, as well as a medication called Topamax (topiramate is the generic name I think) all to prevent migraines. They have worked wonders! As others mentioned I have also used Imitrex when I get a Migraine, but that eventually stopped working, so now I use Relpax, a similar medication. Talk to your doctors about preventing migraines and see if they can help.

Good luck!


Blessings, Dominique! Cold compresses (ice) are helpful - also being in a quiet/dark room/rest. . . it works, if you can do it! Other than that I am now on Maxalt. . . it is working for me, so far. . . all my life I have had tension headaches but I was diagnosed with migraines when I became pregnant with my last boy. . . in 1989! Horrible pain - I pray you will soon find some relief. . . love you all - Irma

On, poor thing- no chocolate or red wine! LOL. I am glad you are able to control your headaches. I don’t know if I would have the will power to never have chocolate.

I get Botox injections every 3 months at my pain center. I can’t take the triptipans? like imotrex. I use Zomig 5 mg between the 3 months, but the Botox helps tremendously and reduces the number of weekly migraines to almost none.

I also take Topamax 500 mg as a preventative. Good luck Dominique. Hugs.