More pregablin

Well I have just been to see the GP and now have had my dose of pregablin (lyrica) doubled to 150mg twice a day. Hopefully it will help. I also have to restart my vitamin D tablets :-(. Does anyone else find that lyrica makes them quite sleepy whilst they are adjusting to a new dose of it?


Howdy Mike…! Yes, Lyrica makes me very very tired. However, I react to medications in odd ways so please don’t be discouraged. For example, Neurontin makes my feet swell up and a higher dose of Savella and I can’t … Well… How do I put it nicely… Pee. :slight_smile: LOL. So happy you made progress today! XX

Yes, when levels of the med is increased there is an adjustment period needed, so best not drove until you are on a more even keel! Hope this is successful for you, and takes you closer to the pain free zone!

Yes it does. I started on 75 mg twice a day then 150 twice daily. Had to reduce the dose to 75 in am and 150 at night. I became depressed. Does help with pain somewhat. I felt after my body got used to it seemed like the pain came back a bit but much better than not taking any at all. Hope it works for you.

I take Lyrica too. It is 75 mg twice a day. I am also on some strong anti-depressents. This made a world of diff. in my depression and pain level. I haven't had any problem with it. However my arthritis dr. increased it to a third dose. He did this without doing the strength gradually and my brain turned into mush. I got lost, I forgot where my things were the minute I laid them(purse, keys, phone) they stopped the additional dose and things returned to normal(at least my normal). I have periods, especially after stress, of severe flares that last 2-4 days, and deep deep sleep that I can't wake up from. I take a mega dose of vitamin D caps. This seemed to have helped as well. I say be careful of the big jump in dose. When I first began I was gradually increased at 25mg at a time.

My consultant will not let me learn to drive until my fibro is under control. That and the things like hypermobility mean I cannot be relied upon to press the peddle if my knees lock and things. I am not that worried about not being able to drive. We have a wonderful bus service and Peter and my dad both drive.

I hope it doesn't take me too long to adjust to the change in it.


I take indapamide so I will be peeing no matter what. It may be good if it supresses that. It is not a surprising effect of it because after all it works on the nerves and may be effecting the nerves that control urination. Some people find that it makes small hand movements difficult to control because they cannot get their hands to work properly, again just the nerves being acted upon.

I am so glad that I managed to see the doctor and so lucky she is so good. Did you know that she actually researches conditions that her patients have in her own time and at her own expense. She booked herself onto a fibromyalgia course so she could better treat me. She is the best GP ever I think.


Thank you. I am being weaned up to the 150mg dose, I have to take 75 in the morning and 150 at night for a week and then 150 bd. I am on a fair few different medications so I hope that this larger dose does not cause me any effects that the other medications do not counteract. Mikex

I am being weaned onto it kind of gradually. I have noticed that a lot of medications I need the highest dose for them to make any effect at all. This is something that seems to run in my family from my dad's side. He was on 300mg of morphine a day at one point before he had any benefit from it.

I am on vitamin D as well... they are prescribed and pretty strong. My level of vit D is now 51 with a target of 50 so I am just above where I need to be. Still my GP wants me to take it for a few more months to help.


Hi Mike,

Hope you are having a better day today, hoping that the increased dose has helped the pain.

300mg of morphine is unbelievable! Don't think I have ever heard of such a hefty dose for anyone!

The GP was so worried that he needed such a big dose (when he was on 200mg) that they sent him back to the hospital and they upped the dose when he was there to the 300mg.

I have had a better day today thank you. I feel a tad more human at least. Hope you are ok xx

On the mend, it seems! Behave yourself, listen to the Doc! Hello to P, and hug the doggies!

Wow! She sounds great! I’m so happy you are feeling better… How does the vitamin D relate to lyrica?

I went through transient dizziness while adjusting. Tiredness I wouldn’t have noticed. I already have extreme fatigue. But just some info. My dad was the drug rep who launched lyrica in our state. He says that 300mg is the minimum therapeutic dose for fibromyalgia. The studies show that 450mg is the best dose for the disease. It is also the max dosage.

Could you ask your Dad if it’s normal for Lyrica to cause extreme sleepiness past the initial stage of getting used to it? I only take 150mg twice a day. It’s nearly impossible for me to wake up in the morning.

I will ask him tomorrow since he’s already asleep but from what I know that is generally a sign of lyrica overdose though you are on a normal dosage. It might be the way it is interacting with your other meds. Talk to your doctor about decreasing to 75mg in am and 150mg in pm.

Do you know of any common medications that interact with Lyrica?

I know that Lyrica and anything with propoxyphene do not go well together. Aspirin is another. And sometimes caffeine, but it'd have to be more than a usual amount I would think. That is just major reactions. So far as moderate reactions there's a good several hundred medicines that react.

I do not think it does but vitamin D allows the calcium to keep your bones from developing osteoporosis. Seeing as I am in an at risk group for it I need to keep my vitamin D levels high xx

Pregablin Interactions for you Jen xx