Motion sickness?

Anyone have problems riding on a motorcycle with lightheaded ness, dizziness and nausea? I have balance issues when I get off, too. It is worse when the roads are curvy. I have problems riding in cars, too, and it is worse at night. I even have to cling to the car door or dash for balance. I have never had motion sickness before, this is a new issue for me. Do you think Dramamine would help?

Hi Teri,

I'm a 'car sick kid' from birth! A friend of mine who is a nurse recommended I take Dramamine the night before if I needed it in the morning, so I could sleep off the 'dizzy' part. There are also some new ones out there that claim to cause less drowsiness.

In any case, take them at least an hour or two before you need them. He also recommended I would be less likely to get sick if I had a fell stomach, rather than an empty one, and much to my surprise, he was right!

Hope this helps!


BTW, there are also wrist bands for nausea, available in most drug and grocery stores, I keep them in the car for my grandson, they really help him!

I don’t have the motion sickness but my balance is WAY off, I am forever reaching for something to steady myself.

I have Meniere's Disease It is when the inner ear bone starts to disintegrate & then the chips of bone move freely inside your ear canal. On some days I can walk like a person who had a 12pk of beer, Stone Cold Sober!. I have recently started to get motion sickness. & no, I haven't found a med that helps with the nausea. You might want to ask your Primary to see if you have this.

I get these symptoms just laying down, it happens to me,. on a daily basis…im assume it’s part of the fibromyalgia, I just don’t know any more, I just try to move slowly.
feel better Teri,

I have been experiencing motion-sickness for a little over a week now. It started the day after a 2-day migraine so I thought I was having a “migraine hangover” but it’s continued every day since & the nausea is worse when I drive, especially for periods of more than 15 mins. I’ve had periods of nausea even when I’m not in a car too. I haven’t vomited but have come close! The nausea is very bad! I’ve also had a loss of appetite. I was wondering if this was related to fibromyalgia & then saw your post! I haven’t tried to take anything for it. I’m so tired of meds!! Will be interesting to see how many others have this symptom.

It helped me as a child ,but if you have an illness for which you are taking other medications you should discuss it with your pharmasist as they are the professionals who are really well versed in drug interactions and their side effects ,they will be able ( if they can't get a new pharmasist) to also warn you of any possible contrdictions there may be with your illness or medications that would be a reason not to take it,also they often can steer you in other directions to drugs that will be better for you.

It just came to me not that long ago that all this time all I was understanding about motion sickness was all wrong. In fact motion sickness have more in common with my fibro more than I thought beside just nauseousness . It have to do with vertigo. I have also found to have been experiencing exercise intolerance which also have deep root with vertigo sensation and trigger painful anxiety fear and panic after all relating to trauma within the severe motion sickness to certain degrees. With all the constant stress of a fakely feeling like swinging in circle off balance on the side of a death fall on the windy tight rope all the time all my nerves have gone throught intensely shut down mode which left me with nothing but all kinds of extreme shocking pains like a body like after train or car wrack whiplash playback over and over daily . Sleep couldn’t ever get better cause body just too aleart for all the possible future attacks.

It’s like all the time inside of me is waging war against the outside world conditions. While it’s throughly just another nice day outside I could hardly enjoy it.

I have fibro due to central sensitization. I also have automatic neuropathy. Central sensitization is pretty much an incredibly sensitive nervous system. My brain gets overwhelmed processing too much info. When im deally bad i can get motion sick and dizzy just from walking and watching the ground move. Motion sickness happens when too many conflicting senses are happening at once or your brain is getting overwhelmed. Such as, the road moving, the loud noise of the car or if u play music, the periphereal view moving differently than ahead. Youre habing balance problems when you get off cuz your brain was trying to adjust to the overwhelming signals of the bike ride that when you got off it wasnt adjusting back to solid ground. With my auto neuropathy my brain gets stuck like that . It has problems adjusting. I het disoriented a lot.