Relief for dizziness and vertigo

I went to the ENT today and had an ENG test and a CDP test to test my balance. I have Central Disequilibrium which the doc says can be attributed to fibro or to some other neuro problem. He recommended Vestibular Therapy as this kind of dizziness and vertigo does not respond to meds. I have an appointment to start on 8/27 after we get back from Atlanta. Hopefully, between all these doctors, they will figure out some way to,get me some relief! Anyway, worth a visit to the ENT if it helps me be more “normal”.


I had to look these up, so I thought I would include them. I have seen this shown on the Psoriatic Arthritis site, some there have the same problem.

I struggled with vertigo after the last time I was rear-ended in a car accident. My Chiropractor was able to help with with this, I also bought wrist bands, but this looks very promising. Had I done this, I may have gotten over it sooner! I think it sounds like a very wise decision to give it a try!

Wishing you well,


Oh, that's really cool! Congrats on getting some therapy set up to help this issue! I'm going to follow your situation carefully and ask my doc about it if the vertigo persists.

I wish you the very best with this, MBP, cause it's awful to be walking around 1/2 sideways.

Literally! The first time it came over me, I was walking to the FedEx box outside my office. It hit me suddenly and my coworkers said I was walking sideways. They almost called EMS but I talked them into driving me home. This was before I was diagnosed with fibro and, of course, the docs couldn’t find anything wrong.