Hope you can provide me with some information. My hubby has Vertigo and it is effecting HIM badly. Dose any one have any idea what brings it on? Is it stress or food ? Dose any one have any idea on how to get rid of it or can help in any way. Thank you so much for the help.


Hi Shirley

Has he seen an ENT I had to have surgery on both ears my ear drums were about to bust but i didnt have any infection just swelling that he said was caused from the fibro lupus and arthritis. Their are some meds they give for vertigo. Hope it finds out what is causing it and it gets better soon.

Hi Shirley,

I suffered this after my third rear end car accident, and between my chiropractor and wrist bands it passed. Then my GP put me on Neurontin for nerve pain and it began again, I felt like I was in a spinning top, so we switched to Lyrica and that problem was solved.

I have also heard that either PT or OT is helpful for this, and pb has given some sound advice about seeing an ENT, they are the inner ear masters!

Hope he can get past this, it's a miserable experience.

Wishing you and yours well,



You mention PT or OT also ENT and PB . Am not aware of the meaning of those abbreviations . Would you please explain what they mean. Thank you very much.



Thank you for the information. Hubby is feeling better this evening. Real bummer when you have company. Kind of hard to enjoy oneself. He went to this ear specialist and was told nothing different Than what was said In here. Was hoping some one had a remedy from the old days. Please help .


I have what MDs fondly refer to as Ear Rocks.

It is where the inner ear bone is slowly chipping away & when I lean over or look up the chipped bone pieces move within the ear canal,

The room spins around very fast, my face feels extremely warm, I can feel the blood in my head & neck & it goes thump, thump, thump I have 2 choices, sit down NOW or grab the nearest door jamb. When I have a day of dizziness I move slower, I do not put myself in ANY position that will make it any harder for me to function.

My suggestion is for your husband to take it easy & slowly move about. Put off doing anything that makes the dizziness any worse.

Most times, vertigo is brought on by allergies, sinus problems, colds.