My fur baby and family

Some of you know about my little dog Max. He’s a chihuahua. He is showing signs of a collapsing trachea. This dog, at times, has kept me surviving. The loss of him will be enormous. Then one of my sisters sent one of the most hurtful texts today. She accused me of colluding with my cousins. I know you don’t know me but I would never do such a thing. I can’t write anymore. I don’t want to cry. I really need prayers. I have nothing left in me.

I have some good news about my fur baby Max. Long story short, he’s doing much better since giving him steroids. My sister? I’m so sad still. My hear still feels broken.

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Glad to hear your good news—praying for your sister. Stay strong. She has her own road to travel.

My service dog of 14 years passed away a year ago. She was born with collapse trachea. She had issues showing around age 11. Her trechea issue is not why she passed. She only had occasional flares until 11 yrs. We had an amazing vet. Things he told me that worked to reduce her flares and later as condition became more were: (1) raised food / water dish (2) not being too active or over excited. (3) be careful in very humid/ hot or cold weather. These will cause flares. I paced our activities according to her needs. Most puppies born with the condition can not survive the surgery. It is very expensive and extremely complicated. As dogs get older the surgery is not as successful. I share this experience because I can relate to how max helps you. It was same for me. Steroids can be helpful your vet can tell you how best to administer. There are issues with prolonged use.
Hopefully you and your sister will be able to work through the hurt that has been experienced. It is not easy and is often harder to do with those we are closest to. I will be praying for these two situations.

Wow Zoe06! Thanks for the great information! I don’t have any history about Max or how old he is. He does look like an older dog. The vet guessed his age to be 8-12 years old. It must have been really hard when your service dog passed away. Animals are special in a way I still don’t understand. They can touch your life more than humans sometimes. Yet, they cannot speak to you with words. They speak love. :heart: