My Kitty is Missing

This is Picasso. I'm so sad. She is my baby. One year old. Hasn't been seen since early yesterday. She is never outside over night, but didn't come in yesterday. Still not here. :0(

Picasso 1 year old

Ah L- kitty, he is a beauty .or handsome I should say … I lost my first kitty ( Fluffer ) boy was I heart broken, I looked for months going door 2 door… That’s so hard, keep checking the local shelters, put adds in every news paper in the area. I’m sure your doing that. Try not to stress, they do this sometimes, my friends cat actually went missing & showed up 3 weeks later, turned out she had made a second home with the lady across the street, and to this day she still goes between the two homes…

Don’t give up, I hope he finds his way home !!!



Thanks Rattled. Yes we posted her "Missing" poster at the little market very near us, posted on facebook, called the neighbors and checked the animal shelter website. Our only hope is that someone just likes her and she's in their house. We live in the woods, so it could be a very sad ending. We have racoons, coyotes, owls and other predators. She has never stayed out all night before.

I will remember that she is still young and may just be out playing.

Thank you.

Hi, L Kitty. Very sorry your little girl went missing. I will pray for best. She could maybe be with a boy kitty… she is at age to start roaming.

Love, L.

Awww what a beautiful kitty I will pray for a safe return hugs xoxo melissa

Oh no L Kitty, I sure hope by the time you see this she will have found her way home. She is a cutie... keeping you both in my prayers for a speedy return. Gentle hugs coming your way, Robin

Hi Robin, I’m so sorry about your kitty. Sure is beautiful! I will pray for her safe return! Hugs, Leanne

Hi Kitty, I’m sorry I said Robin but meant Kitty

Oh, honey, I am so sorry, she is a beauty too! I will be praying that she comes back. I know what it is like, I've had it happen too.

Love and huuggs, Kimberly :)

Oh no, I'm hearbroken hearing this. She is so beautiful. Any news today?

Hugs and Prayers,

Hi L-Kitty, she’s a beautiful cat, and I understand how worried you are. We don’t have cats rights now, but when we did, one wandered off and I searched the whole wooded area we had behind us for two days. On the second day when I was wandering through brambles I heard her meow, she was hiding, probably scared by a coyote or raccoon. I Hope your little girl is just hiding or playing and comes home soon.

Did you post a missing ad on the SPCA website, I found a cat about six months ago and posted on the website, and then posted pictures all around the neighbourhood, and her owner finally came to get her. I must admit I was kind of sad at that point, she was a sweetheart and I was ready to adopt her.

I really hope she has found her way home by now.

Yes, our pets do become our children. We get so close to them. All winter while I was mostly home, my two dogs and my kitty have been my main source of entertainment.

My husband just had the dogs with him and they took another trip through the woods. Picasso is still gone. I know kitties wander and that is what I'm hoping for. She is beautiful and very friendly so someone could have friended her right into their house.

Thanks for your prayers and well wishes. I'll let you know if we find her.



I have been sending up big prayers for Picasso and for you!!!!

Huuggs xo

I’am sooooo sorry your kitty hasn’t return I love my animals as much has I love my kids because they are my kids will keep saying prayers for a safe return big hugs to you love ya melissa

No news as of today LKitty? I'm so sorry. As beautiful as she is, I really do wonder if someone has 'adopted' her into their house. Some people are mean enough to not tell you even if they know she's yours. I hope you get some good news soon--


Prayers continue for Picasso and for you. I pray that she is safe, and will soon be back with you.

Kimberly :)

We have checked animal control, put her picture on multiple facebook pages, put a picture up at our little market and nobody has seen her. It's so hard with cats because they can go on little adventures. She just doesn't seem like she would do that because I barely ever let her outside, until the weather got nice. She stayed very close to home. I still have hope, but it is fading. I do wish I could have some closure.

Thanks for letting me process this here. You are all good friends. Hugs.


Always keep the faith, because you never know. Especially with cats, they do tend to go on those adventures, sometimes for days at a time if they find a friend to travel with. They are very resilient!

Hi LK,

I'm so sorry! I went through this so many times with my son and his cats. He was always a cat lover, still is! He would get so attached to these cats, they would be perfectly content to be inside until one day, out of nowhere they would make a break when someone opened the door, and many times they just never returned!

Remember that no matter how much and no matter how long they are domesticated, there is still a 'wild and free' part of them, some have more of it than others, of course!

I really do hope she comes back to you, I know you love her, she's a pretty baby!