Narcotics don't work for fibromyalgia pain

Ok I agree with that because nothing really stops the pain dose it. It’s always there some days the pain whispers, sometimes it scream mostly it screams. So yes they don’t work to relieve the pain. But for me my V’s work great at making me care a little less about the pain. All I know is on a pain screaming day I can lay in bed all day popping Motrin like tick tacs but laying in bed is about all I can do. Now if I take my V’s on a screaming day in about an hour I’ll be up doing laundry and cleaning and doing all the things a mother should be doing. So ya the experts are right at least in my case, they don’t help with the pain, but they do a amazing job of making me work thru the pain. Thank God for those experts. I wouldn’t wish fibromyalgia on anyone, but it would be so nice if all drs had it for a week. They’d be on there knees pleading for pain killers. Now that would be nice. Maybe then they could actully concider them self experts.