Naturopathy vs medicine

I just got diagnosed with fibro in feb of this year and my doctor started me off with cymbalta and flexeril. After having bad side effects with cymbalta I asked my doc if maybe trying naturopathic treatment might work better for me. To my surprise she didn’t think it was a good idea. I’ve done a little research on it and from what I’ve read most patients find it helpful. I don’t know if I should just continue the meds or just stop completely and start all natural treatment

Nat nice to meet you and I do some meds and as much as I can natural but just make sure either the doc or the pharmacy help you make sure they don’t inter act against each other

Hi Natalie,
Most Doctors aren't too fond of natural remedies. They weren't trained that way, and they feel there are too many options and variables involved.

The key is to finding a Naturopathic Doctor or a professional in alternative medicine who can work with you -- but definitely check with one of your medical doctors first to make sure it is a safe option for you.

Good Luck!

I've had much better outcomes using naturopathic doctors when it comes to fibromyalgia. I am sensitive to most rx drugs and their side effects. There are some allopathic doctors who are integrative and practice both regular medicine and holistic medicine. They are harder to find. Naturopathic doctors do lots of additional testing that the allopathic md's don't even bother to check.

Having said that, I keep both types of doctors on my team. That way you can cover all bases.

Agreed, they have no clinical trials to go by, no consistancy of manufacturers, or purity of ingredients to hang their hat on, and it seems you need so MUCH more of it, BUT some cannot tolerate meds, and so have no choice. Plus you are out-of-pocket ALL THE WAY!!

Renie knows much more than I do about this, she worked for a Rheumatologist for years, what I added is what my GP told me, although if he is at a loss, he may send you to an herbalist.

Always check with an MD to see if you have a serious condition that you take other meds for that could react to adding herbs, or supplements!

If I recall correctly some osteopaths are into both, but always ask the questions, do the research!