Need help getting off Savella!

Hi everyone,

After 10 weeks of really trying to take savella, I need to get off. I know you can not do this fast. I will be seeing my pain magagement dr on wed for instructions.

I do want to say it did help with the pain however, my BP is 154/97, rapid heartrate, blurry vision, extreme anxiety, insomnia, headaches and neck pain due to very tight muscles.

I was wondering if anyone else has been on this med and needed to stop. I am very scared at this point. I have never had a history of high BP or any of the other symptoms with the exception of anxiety, and never at the degree I am experiencing it now!

I will be trying a more holistic approach. I'm also hoping my post will be more positive in the future as I'm so angry on this medication!

Also if anyone would let me know what has worked for them when trying to approach this in a more holistic manner.

Thanks and hugs, Tina

Hi Tina,

I couldn't take it either because of SE, but it did make a difference in my pain and my mood. It really does help some, and some tolerate it very well. You were wise to contact your Doctor, to go off the med properly, under his care.

Hope you can find something that works for you without these side effects!