Question about bp and meds

Has anyone had their bp go up while taking savella? If so how long after discontining the med before it started to come back down? I have been off for over a week now and am feeling awful. I'm very light headed and a bad headache. My bp tonight is 175/102. I have a doctor appt on tues with my PC doctor to address the bp issue.

I'm starting to worry since its not coming down. My head feels like it is going to split. I dont know if this is from the bp or if its something else.

Any information would be appreciated.

Thanks, Tina

Sorry I quess it hasn't been a week since I stopped savella. My last dose was sept 26th. So it hasn't been quite a week. Maybe I just need to give it more time.

Thanks, Tina

Tina, I think the bad headache IS from the high BP. My late ex-husband found out he had high BP from suffering from bad headaches. It's a worrisome situation and I strongly encourage you to push your doctor to get the BP treated IMMEDIATELY. If you can't wait until Tuesday, then go to the ER or an urgent care clinic ASAP. High BP is nothing to mess around with.

Best wishes and thinking of you,