New at this

Un bearable pain. Try to cope with the pain. Thank God for my hubby and son!

Nice to meet you Glenedia. This is a great way to let out how you feel, ask questions or just find answers! Glad you joined!


Thank you! I love know how do u cope with the pain.

I find distractions help most such as a mindless video game (like spyro or crash bandicoot) and mindless to complex tv shows such as Big Brother, the model shows, law and order, numbers, boy meets world, friends... whatever you love! I don't have the attention span for a movie myself. I also make sure to eat healthy and exercise, I noticed it truly makes a difference and with the wii fit I don't need to leave the house. Icy hot gel can sometimes give a bit of relief. Personally medications always worry me, I was allergic to lyrica, gabapentin didn't work for me and cymbalta was the med that I believe got me to my lowest point in my emotional roller coaster. I must also be careful because I am on meds for epilepsy as well. I make sure to pace myself, it's most important just to plan your day and plan it light. Remember one day of being like everyone else can easily get you in a bed for a few days. It's important to inform those around you and find your way of being comfortable, if you need to use correspondence or something it may be good to broach it with the right parties. If you need to be in bed all day, don't feel guilty know that this condition allows for good days even though it seems like the bad ones are never ending. These are my strategies for coping but ultimately you must figure out what works for you. ;) What have you tried?


Talking to others who suffer from it helps. I guess it takes away some of the mental stress, which helps to reduce some of the stress-related pain.

And it's a blessing to have two people in your life who give love and meaning.

Medication, tens unit, xbox zumba. But lately I hurt even more. Y legs give out on me and hands. I do ready my bible,crossword puzzles,regularbooks.

Ya! They are wonderful. Sometime they don’t y I hurt so bad.

Sometimes there is not a darn thing … those are the days we fall apart and cry… and everyone here is quick to offer hugs and support…

Not my family. They wont even call or stop by. They said it my issue and they have a life.

Gosh, that's sad. Some day the shoe may be on the other foot with them and they may run across the exact same coldness and find out how awful it is.

We'll offer you hugs and support here, Glenedia. You deserve to feel like a valued human again because you are one.

Gentle hugs,


Welcome Glenedia.....glad you joined. Lots of support for you here. You can ventilate and get things off your chest. We will definitely understand since we have to deal with the same pain and other symptoms.