New gov't regulation on tylenol in vicodin

I was wondering if anyone else that has been prescribed vicodin is having the same problem that I am having? I have been prescribed vicodin 7.5/750 for a few months now and at my last visit the doctor changed my med to 7.5/325. It seems that the gov't is making the pharmaceutical companies make the med with less tylenol-because apparently we are all dying of liver damage. I took the med and it was like taking a regular tylenol- no relief at all. I called the doc to see if I could take tylenol with this to see if it gave me more relief. It did not. The doc also told me that if I am not taking a specific brand (Watson), that I am getting an inferior product. What?!? I thought all generics had to be the same. You would think that with having the same amount of hydrocodone 7.5 and it just being the tylenol part (to which I supplemented), it would be the same as the original 7.5/750...nope. Anyone else having this issue? I see the doc on Thursday and hope that he can help (maybe write for the name brand).

Talk to your Pharmacist they will be able to tell you which generic they use and how much it differs from the name brand. My Dr told me 30% difference in the morphine I take, either way, my pharmacist told me that with that particular supplier it was 5%. For the difference of $60 to $200, I don't mind a difference of 5%. Keep in mind that I pay 1/4 of the total cost, so figure out that difference for those paying fully out of pocket!

I was told to cut my Daypro down to the maximum daily allowance of 1200 mg! This will make it very tough, he told me that taking up to 30 mg of morphine was ok, taking more anti-inflammatories was not! This came from the Rheumatologist! We are going to suffer one way or the other!

I don't take the pain meds but my endrocrinologist said generics can very by 10% and still be acceptable. For some meds its not a big deal but he said for thryroid medicine and regulation, the small 10% difference is the same as full dosage so it can cause levels to go up and down. So generics are not exact! Just found that out myself!

Sheryl, you have my full sympathy on the matter.


I was prescribed arthrotech and my insurance wouldn't pay for it they sent me a letter saying it had to be preapproved and gave me a list of cheaper meds that they would pay for. My rheumy sent them a letter saying he didn't want me to take the others because of stomach issues. After 3 months of back and forth I tried one of the others and had stomach problems. I think in the near future we will see a lot of problems with our meds.

I have been unaware. I have used so little of it, that I haven't refilled my rx in months. I completely agree with Petunia. The government needs to butt out! Our whole society is ruled by the all mighty dollar and the insurance company's greed. And I could go on and on...

I hope you find an answer soon, sherylk. So sorry this is happening to you.

Hi Sheryl,

I have some of this left from what I was taking in the beginning through my Chiropractor. Once I started the anti-inflammatory med Daypro, I back off of this, I still have this Inflamzyme and Myocalm in my cupboard, again got them both at the recommendation of my Chriropractor, and think that tomorrow I need to dig them out and restart them since I'm loosing 600 mg of Daypro a day! Gotta do something, you know?

Hope you can find a solution too!