Not a nice experience

Very short story but very upsetting for me. I was down town and had to ask someone in a shop to help me pack my bags because I was very sore and the charming "lady" on the till told me that I am a "lazy, fat spastic". I will not be going back there again. The only good thing as far as I am concerned that the shop is closing down anyway so she will not have much chance to be so vile to anyone else. Almost had me in tears all the way home, especially because everything was bunged into one bag and it was too heavy to carry properly :-(

Sorry if I am just being over-sensitive or a weak minded fool :( Mikex

Dear Mike,

I know it's good to vent it out, but best thing you can do is forget her, I may not have been so quiet about it, but that just sometimes makes your own pain worse!

Ever heard that old John Lennon song 'Instant Karma'??

Sorry you had to go through this, really! There are also warm, caring people in the world too!

Big hugs to you, my friend,


Boy, she sounds like a real charmer. She must have her knickers in a twist because the shop is closing. How rotten to take it out on you. Next time someone says something like that to you, just say "thank you, that's the nicest thing that anyone's said to me today." That usually blows their mind.

You must be a very nice person Mike for not ripping her head off.

I'm so sorry. I hope you have a nice experience to offset that nasty one.


Is instant karma you advising me to slap the "cow in *inset word starting with P and ending is tute*'s clothing"? xx

I am actually a very placid person... I just take things out on myself at a later time. I know it is not good but it is how I have always coped. I am going to try saying that next time someone upsets me lol xx

To be able to speak up and confront politely is a beatiful thing, but it does take practice. :-)

Oh Mike, what a prize be-yatch!!! I always have to ask baggers to pack my bags lightly because, like you, I can't carry them if they're too heavy. That shop girl truly IS vile, vile, vile! No wonder the shop is closing with her treating customers like that!

Maybe it's best to be prepared with a come back in case this happens again. For instance, you could say, "No, I have a serious, chronic illness." If it were me, I'd add on, "and I hope you learn to not speak ill of someone when you're misinformed, next time."

I know it's hard not to take such things to heart but please don't accept everyone else's words as gospel. You were just a sick bloke looking for a smidgeon of kindness and she was an unkind, unprofessional worker who put down someone who not only needed help but who was a customer.

Good for you for coming here to vent, instead of taking it out on your body. Well done, Mike.

Thank you. I am not allowed to cut myself again. I have had to make promises not to. My GP threatened me with hospital if I do.

I was almost in tears. I did not want to say anything to her to upset her (for some reason) but it was mainly just to avoid a confrontation :-( xx

I may never have enough practice!! LOL!!

Yep, to keep from slapping her!! That ....tute!! LOL!!

Instant karma's gonna get you!

Well, Mike, I'm relieved to hear that you've made a promise to not cut again. One day your anger will be properly channeled at the stupido who made this comment instead of at yourself.

And if you so wish, you can say right here what you wanted to say to her. Go ahead and let it out! It' safe here.

I better not... I will get banned. Or SK will come over to the UK and skin me alive :( I will say that several of the words are not for children and several others will probably be classed as hate speech or making threats.

I hope I can keep my promise. I do not want to let people on here down, Peter down and other people I care about down. I do not say that I do not want to let myself down because I honestly do not care what happens to me :( I am so ashamed to say that but it is true xx

Okay, Mike, you've given me a great mental image of where you were going with what you wanted to say, so you telepathically told me, lol!

That Sk! She's full of surprises, she is! :-D

Well, if you don't care today, you will someday, once you work the old messages out of your system and can add some new ones. It takes longer when you didn't get them as a kid but it's doable. I've done it, Mike. Just give it time and don't push yourself.

Don't take it personally. Her comment was totally uncalled for and probably had nothing to do with you at all.

<P> When I was a kid, I got bit in the face by a dog. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some other kids had been teasing her and when I walked up, she lashed out at me. I wasn't badly hurt, but was really shaken up. . . . The female dog in the shop was probably lashing out at you in the same way. Don't beat yourself up over it. Feel sorry for her since she's obviously a miserable person and move on.

Mike, I think allergic is right - it takes practice. Please don’t beat yourself up over it because that stupid woman is not worth it. I have had 20 more years than you to learn to stick up for myself and I still don’t have it down.

i am so angry about this!
no one ever deserves to be treated like this, if i had that womans name i would tell her a few things...

i wish you the best!!!

I am never going to suggest that you go to one of his seminars and walk on hot coals, because I would not do it, but here is something to try. Pick one a day or a week, tape it to your bathroom mirror, and read it often, very often.

He is an amazing man who has helped so many people. Will you give it a go for me? Please?

lol for sure, we'll never run out of ignoramouses to practice on!


It would be funny if someone pasted a sign on the shop door saying "Beware, rabid dog at the till" lol only kidding, don't do that you could get arrested.


mike and pet, you have given me some great, unexpected laughter today, and I love you for it! Needed that laugh! Better laughter than those surfing goats!!!