OMG! Just woke up two days late!

I am so confused at the moment. I went for a lie down in Saturday afternoon and just woke up... two days later!! It's Monday afternoon apparently. What happened there. I know I've been really ill and run down, but that is so scary, especially as I live on my own. Poor Mr Puss Puss was starving bless him!!

Has that happened to anyone else? I'm used to only 4 hours sleep max. Maybe I caught up but I've never done that before. Two days!! What the ....?!

Hi Jo,

Yes it happens to me, you go forever not being able to sleep, then you get to the point where you do nothing BUT sleep.

Your body is trying to recover from lack of sleep. Lately the Valium that the Rheumatologist gave me to take at night is starting to work, it relaxes my muscles and helps make me tired.

Better put some extra food out for the cat if you are going through a 'sleep spell' and just sleep away! Listen to your body, Jo! Sweet dreams, my friend!


Aww thank you. I'm sorry to hear you have that a lot. I guess I must have needed the sleep then. Sweet dreams to you too SK!

Wow, that must have been disconcerting to awaken 2 days later. But, my goodness, if you're only sleeping for 4 hours for days on end, your poor body desperately needs to play catch up!

I agree, leave some extra food and water our for Mr. Puss Puss, and then have sleep dreams.

Yes you two must be right but two days was a bit much and very confusing. Poor baby was so hungry.

Now will that count for two "ME" days? ha ha

Awww lol


lol. straight to the point. Thank you Suzy

Sleep gives the body an opportunity to heal. Like you, I sleep very badly. Even if I do sleep all night I wake up feeling as though I have never been to bed. I suspect that this is very common. In the past 6 months I have twice gone to bed and slept for about 2 days. The first time my husband was very worried and eventually woke me up after about 24 hours and when I immediately went back to sleep, keep waking me to try and persuade me to go the the ER. I eventually woke up by myself feeling better than I had for weeks. The same thing happened about a month ago. He very sensibly let me sleep for about 10 hours and then woke me every four or 5 hours after that to give me a drink so that I didn't get dehydrated. He tells me that I was awake for a couple of minutes each time and immediately went back to sleep. Again I woke up feeling very stiff but refreshed. If you live on your own and feel that you might have a repeat episode perhaps you should make sure your moggie has food and drink available, put a thermos or other drink to hand and set your alarm to wake you at regular intervals so that you can have a small drink too.

Yeah, I can imagine that it must have been. But it looks like others have had the same situation occur to them. Are you also chronic fatigue?

The suggestion to set your alarm and have drinks at regular intervals is also a good one.

Jo, I don't know, other than that. It's hard to fathom that this is the best we can do in the 21st Century but at least we're (mostly) past the point of being told by doctors that it's all in our heads.

Seriously, you're body must have needed it. If I was told correctly by the sleep specialist, all the healing and restoration happens in the deepest stage of sleep. Well, that's good, but my sleep study showed I don't ever get there. If you were able to get into that stage of sleep over a two day period, then you must have gotten some serious healing done. I hope you did.

If I were you I would listen to suzyQ and feed the cat because it sounds like mr. puss puss is the only one in the house that might give you some tlc.

Yes, I do the frequent sleep marathons and freak out my husband. Lol

I can easily sleep all day until dinner time when I can eat then go back to sleep.

My dog pokes me with his nose to make sure I’m alive. Sometimes he will lick my hands until I get up. I’m surprised your kitty didn’t wake you up. Sounds like he was hungry though. :slight_smile:

LUCKY YOU!!! WHen I get DRAINED to the point of passing out (like I am now) from lack of sleep I can lay down and wake up 6 weeks later. . lol. Your body just took the opportunity to grab some much needed rest.

If you are worried, set alarms for yourself.

its kinda interesting that u just posted this cause i just slept for 31 hours straight. my mom kept checking me i guess but i was out cold. i have no idea how out bodies can just sleep like that. i have many days like sunny were i sleep all day get up eat and go right back to bed and sleep all night.

i hope u r feeling better.

Not sure about anyone else but I have slept through multiple alarms, doorbell, phones ringing, friends pounding on the front door, dog barking, fire alarm, etc !!!

It’s nearly impossible to wake me up. Am I the only one who has this problem??

Yes that what happened to me! I had loads of missed calls and texts and slept through the original alarm. It is quite frightenng. I am giving my brother a key now so he can let himself in if/when it happens again

Thanks, I'm glad other people understand because its helped prove to my family etc that it is the fibro, not me being ignorant lol. I am back to the insomnia again now, 3/4 hours a night, which is soooooo boring. Hopefully I will not slip into another "coma" again soon

My doctor told me "if you are sleepy, then sleep and give your body what it is asking for so it can try to heal itself." Very simple. I figured this way, when you have the flu what do you usually do? Sleep alot because your body is trying to heal and get better. Only thing with fibro we're usually suffering from constant sleep deprivation, so your body has to crash sooner or later. I think alot of my symptoms like brain fog actually are caused by my sleep deprivation. Don't ever feel guilty about sleeping too much, just sleep on!

Do you three suffer from Chronic Fatigue? I'm curious, as this is a LOT of sleep.