More energy at night anyone?

I'm just curious. I find when I wake up in the morning I'm so tired and stiff and find it extremely hard to get going. I also find sleep during the day is more refreshing. So if I sleep during the day I seem to feel better at night. More energy and less fatigue.

Was just wondering if anyone else finds the same. I know pain is usually worse at night and we dont get the deep much needed sleep we need for healing!

Thanks, Tina

Oh yes Tina, I do too. I also love to clean at night but my room is on the lower floor and you can hear everything down here so I can’t clean at night.


I'm in the same boat. Lol Sometimes I asked my husband to sleep upstairs at night so I can clean!

We're like babies who have their days and nights mixed up!

Yeah, it does seem that PM sleep makes me "freeze up" in my muscles whereas daytime naps don't. And I get more energetic in the late afternoon straight thru til about 12 AM. Then the blecks set in once again. For instance, I've been sick with a stomach bug and didn't do anything last night to prepare for sleep - no pain meds, no elbow or knee wraps, nothing. During parts of the night, I swear I feel like a truck ran thru my living room and right over me. I'm not sure why night sleep is less restorative but I find the same thing that you do, the afternoon naps are restorative.

'The blecks'? That must be an expression they brought over on the Mayflower, Petunia, and it stayed right there in Mass! Never in my life heard of that one! LOL!

LOL, that, along with ickity, dumpity, yeah, you name it and I've got a weird word for it.

Thanks for the first laugh I've had today, just felt awful with this stupid flu or ulcer.

Oh yes, you made me laugh too! I know we have some dandy sayings here at the foot of the Appiliacians, but that took the prize today, girl!

Don't feel alone, I have allergies/sinus woes, Renie says I gave them to her! You know, 'the blecks'!

Feel better!


"Dandy"? Didn't that one LEAVE on the Mayflower?

I used to have a woman call the Doctor's office and tell me she needed an antibiotic because she had the "Greenies" in her nose.


Alright, NY, what is one of yous guys good ones?

How are you doing today, Tina?

I'm typing thru tears today :( It just one of those days. I think fibro is emotionaly draining my life. I cant even deal with minor things anymore. I just fall apart.

Sounds like it's time to call the Doc for some help with this, my friend! Something is not working very well, maybe need some new meds?

Hope you can rest and that makes you feel better!



SK I'm so confused if I take 3/4 to a complete dose of the Savella it controls my pain so well. I just keep hoping my emotional state will improve.

It was just something so minor today.....a stupid hair appt! My roots didn't color the first time so he had to reapply the color. Now my hair is very dark at the roots.

Big deal right???? Thats how I should feel. I know with my brain thats how I should feel. What if wrong with me? Good Grief!

My husband is a pharmacist and has been helping me try to dose Savella to where it will help with the pain without making me crazy.

I feel like my doctor doesn't get it. My rheumy guy said take it once a day. Pain doctor said take whole dose and added buspar for anxiety.

Sorry that was Phys assistant that said take it once a day. Rheumy doctor didn't think I needed to see him anymore.

Savella needs to be taken twice daily in equal doses. Grrrrr

I dont think they have the experience with fibro or something. I dont know anymore.

I'm so tired of doctors SK.

Oh and I forgot after 2 months of Savella my hair is not falling out in handfuls anymore! So that goes in the list of positives!

Tina, my hair has been falling out for years, sometimes it takes me 3 times cleaning out the drain for the water to go down, that is how much hair I am losing. It can be pain/stress related. Could be meds, they checked thyroid, vitamin/mineral deficiency, now they are going to test my hormone levels. So maybe find out something about that!

Some days I cry at stupid TV commerials, we're just that sensitive somedays, and having the energy to do something like that twice and it still doesn't turn out is a real drag, It's upsetting and an energy drain!

Here is a great story, written by a very wise young woman.

Thank you SK. I'm feeling blessed to have finally found friends that understand how draining normal things can be to someone with fibro.

I truely believe you have to feel it to believe it!

Gentle hugs, Tina