Other Illnesses Since Fibro

Hey guys,

Just wondering how long you have had fibro and what other illnesses have you been "blessed" with since?

I now they say its not "progressive" but I know I am getting worse generally since onset and started having seizures last year, and thats when I started fainting more. So after looking at another discusson I feel I may have dysautonomia too.

I don't want anyone to freak out and worry, but it's something I have been wondering about. I know as we get older things start going a bit rusty, so it's expected that we would have other problems at some point down the line.

Jo, everything seemed to hit me at once. I did have a dysautonomia diagnosis as far back as 1998 but no other major problems until last year. Now, I have what I think is full blown dysautonomia, hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, vitamin b12 deficiency, etc. can’t wait to see what the neurologist has to say. I don’t think this has anything to do with age. I went to my psychiatrist this morning and she said it has to do with the chemical makeup in our brains and that our chemical makeup can affect all parts of our bodies, not just our mood. She pointed out something I knew but didn’t really think about too much- a lot of the meds that are used for fibromyalgia- neurontin, anti-depressants, etc.- work on the same chemicals in our brain that control mood. So, it then follows logically that someone who did not have depression issues before having fibromyalgia would develop mood problems. All very confusing and I have seen where they are doing some research on these issues. As my PCP pointed out to me a couple of months ago, I am not old (I am 48) and none of the problems I am having are, in his opinion, age related.

Thanks MB. Thats true. Depression does come with the fibro. Just having it is depressing enough. So you haven't had any extra problems since the fibromyalgia? Like arthritis or anything? How long have you had it? I've had it for 7 long years now. Booooooooooooooring lol

Jo, in answer to your question, I know that others of us on here have had this very discussion and all of us seemed to feel that the illness IS progressive. IS. Not IS NOT. In other words, we all seem to find more and more differing things affecting us that did not before the onset of fibro. I don't know about seizures. I know muscle tremors are listed as a fibro symptom. I would strongly recommend that your talk to your doctor ASAP about this new development, to rule out other possible illnesses.

I'm sorry you're experiencing seizures, Jo. You really do need to get them check out, since they could affect your driving and day to day living if untreated.

Bless you. I'll put you in my thoughts and prayers, hoping for a good resolution of the seizures.


Thanks Petunis,

I know exactly what they are. It's "mild" epilepsy and the doc referred me to neurology, but I chickened out because I want to keep my license. They are called "simple partial seizures" and they affect the temporal lobes. I don't pass out with them, but I do worry they wil get worse without treatment. Catch 22...I did contact a UK site and they say they most probably won't but can't guarntee for sure.

Apparently some people do get epilepsy after fibro, or arthritis, etc, but I'm curious whether any of us have developed other "co-morbid" illnesses.

Thanks again!!


I think i have had fibro for several years but was onoy diagnosed last year. I have been basically house bound except for brief forays out for several months. I have some arthritis but it is all normal arthritic changes for my age, whatever that means, and Ive been told it should not be causing the pain, stiffness, etc. that I have. Seizures could be part of dysautonomia if that is what you have and I have found some stuff that says there is a strong link between dysautonomia and fibromyalgia. I will find the link to that article and post it in a sec. Anyway, you need to stop being a “chicken” and get the seizures checked out. I was in a bad car wreck due to passing out when I first started experiencing syncopal episodes due to the dysautonomia. I almost dies but did not hurt anyone else. You don’t need to be driving until you get some answersand there is probably medication to treat what you have. And God forbid you should hurt someone else if you cause a wreck. Just saying. Hugs and prayers to you. MB

Oh yes, I remember now. Thats what we were saying. It prob is dysautonomia. I will get a docs appt tomorrow and have a chat about it. Just have to chop his fingers off so he can't type it into my records lol. Need my license. OMG!! I'm sorry to hear about your car accident. That is so sad, and I really feel more stupid and selfish. You're right. I just can't face it. My everything depends on my driving, including work as a carpenter etc. Awwwwwwwwwwww. I will try and get the doc to give me something to help without the "diagnosis" although he will probably kick my backside.

Thanks for the help MB. I'm sorry for being selfish, especially after everything you have been through. xx

You are not,being selfish, as least I don’t think so. When I lost my license after that accident, I would have done anything to keep driving as I lost my job, my husband and my home in very short order. I got it back after a couple for years but I had to work very hard to regain what I had lost, only to lose it again now. (I still have my husband, but you can have him- LOL). It is horrible to think of losing what little we have and the worst part is losing your independence. This I know. But it is even worse to lose your life!

All this is easier said than done, I know. And hindsight is 20/20 and it is easy for me to preach the high road when I have been through it whereas you have not. You sound like a strong, capable, intelligent woman. You will figure this out.

Xoxo MB

Awww bless you. I have given up on men (and not "into" women) though btw, so best of luck there lol!

Such a difficult decision to make. I will see if the doc can help first, then have a long hard think. I am more worried about other people because I couldn't live with myself if anything happened. Change the subject quick! lol

Thanks again! xx

Just be careful, Jo. I know of one epileptic who went into a very bad seizure and crashed into a bunch of parked cars. Luckily, no one was hurt.

Thankfully your seizures are mild. And I wasn't aware that fibro was possibly linked to seizures. That's a new one on me and it's got my interest, as epilepsy isn't an auto-immune disease, as far as I know. Usually it seems that the auto-immune diseases develop after the fibro onset.

This should be a very interesting and informative discussion Jo and I'm glad you brought it up.

PS: It's a bummer that you have no assurances about your seizures. Is there any medicine you can take to help control them?

In answer to your original question, I don't believe I have any co-existing illnesses with fibro.

It's not necessarily linked like a symptom of it. Just maybe more chance of developing if you have FMS. The same with arthritis. I will have to do some more studying.

I'm glad you don't have any co-existing illnesses. Fibro is enough to deal with isn't it. I hope this is the case with most people.

Ps: I could go back to taking the gabapentin again. Worth a try, but it stacks on 20 pounds, with no chocolate.

Thanks Petunia


And here I was thinking I was the only one gaining weight. 15 pounds in the four months I have been on gabapentin. It sucks. Can’t fit into anything I have and can’t afford to buy new ones. And can’t exercise like I used to to get the weight off. Bummer!

Yeah its well known for it. I had horrendous stretch marks because it put so much weight on so quickly. Even worse with amitryptiine that I have too. Do you have the gabapentin for the dysautonomia or fibro?

Oh, Jo, don't I know it about the weight gain with anti-depressants. I've been so hungry since my Lyrica's been upped. :-(