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I was talking to my old teacher the other day and his wife has fibro. He said that she had gotten a hip replacement after having lots of pain and issues and she said its almost like her fibro is gone. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else. My fibro is in check but my back is bad and I have a herniated disc and have wondered how much this is affecting my fibro. So I’m curious if anyone else has anything like this. Thanks

Kinda. I’m not sure if it was a total hip replacement but it might have been. My teacher said she is like a whole new person. She had to give up her job and now she looking for one again because she feels so much better. He said he can even notice a differance. I didn’t get a ton of info but I hope this helped clarify some.

Never have heard of it but I do think that your back issue plays into your pain. Maybe it's the cause of the initial pain and fibro magnifies it. Is it possible that you also have arthritis in your back? I have a herniated disc and arthritis in the back. My pain doctor said it's the arthritis causing my back pain. That makes me wonder if you too could be experiencing arthritis pain?

If a hip replacement cured her fibro, I have to question if her fibro dx was accurate, I saw a fibro specialist last week & he said a lot of people are being dx with fibro, who really are only suffering similar symptoms because of something else, maybe like a bad hip. I often wonder if I got the disc’s in my neck fixed if it would make the fibro better ???
I would love to know if she had, all over muscle weakness & pain, if she would wake in the morning feeling 100 years old with nasty flu like symptoms???
So happy for her, maybe if we did get rid of the underlying chronic pain we suffer, our fibro would go away, unfortunately those with arthritis… Well not so easy
My chiro, believes that the chronic migraines & long standing pain in my neck has lead to my fibro, I really thought so at first, until I had the diverticulitis, months on antibiotics, yeast overgrowth, all led to my symptoms getting worse, but who knows, I wonder for those who fit into the car accident dx of fibro, how many had chronic pain prior to the accident, leaving them susceptible … ?
We need serious research on this subject …
Thank you for your post, yaaaa there is hope !!! Someone got better, I love, love, love, to here that !!!
Hugs & blessings

My Rheumatologist says that Fibro is CAUSED by chronic pain, so if the joint replacement stopped the arthritis nerve and bone pain, chances seem good it did heop or cure her Fibro! When my arthritis is good, so is my fibro, and same with when the arthritis is bad, so is the fibro!

I know she had the cronic fatigue and flu like symptoms cause my teacher mentioned specifically that she did not have those symptoms anymore.