Hip Pain

So I'm new to the community and I've finally come to accept that I have fibro. I was officially diagnosed a few years ago, but it seemed really depressing that I should live with pain that cant truly be relieved. So I refused to believe it.

Anyway, I was hoping to ask some advice from the people here who have found some relief. My hips hurt constantly. It seriously feels like someone has driven a truck into my body. Sitting, standing, laying down. I can find no relief.

Hi, welcome to this website. I have not been on here long but it is great. I too have pain in my hips, sometimes to the point I can barely walk. It comes and goes and the only answer I have gotten is that they found normal arthritic changes for my age (had the MRI when I was 45). It all seems to be somehow related to the fibro and there is nothing that changes it, makes it happen less or makes it less severe.

As for acceptance, I can’t accept it because I feel like if I do, I will be admitting defeat so I keep on pushing and keep on getting knocked down and getting back up and on and on… But it is what it is and someday I might admit it.

Oh dear, oh dear. I can completely relate to you. I'm so sorry you're going through all of this pain! I know exactly what you're going through, as I lie with an ice pack under my SI joint (hip area).

Do you have any underlying issues with the hip? Arthritis? Back issues? Disc problems? The reason I ask is that my pain feels like it's my hip/sacral illia joint (SI joint) but is supposedly from deferred arthitis pain in my back. I'm going to get the nerves in the offending area of the back cauterized. I'm wondering if this procedure might benefit either of you?

I wrote a thread about denial. I find it darned easy to deny this illness when I feel good. However, kind of hard to deny it when the pain rears its ugly head again.

Hip pain or tenderness seem to be a common area for fibromyalgia to hit. I get hip pain, hard to lay on my side too long or while sleeping, wake up and it feels like someone took a hammer to my hips. I go through periods of hip pain and then it goes away. No sense to it.