Out of Quality Review. I was approved

Just wanted to tell someone I was approved for disabilty. If I could do cartwheels I probably would be, but I dont know how and it would hurti too much lol. I still do not want to say it out loud because It seems so unbelievable- I have been told that I would be denied the first time around since I am so young, I was not though, I guess someone was watching over me.

Now to pay all the things I am behind on. I will be waiting for my check. I guess it is in the mail. .

Hope everyone else who is waiting for their application that they get the same results.

I really dont want to be disabled at this point in life, but it is what it is.



That's very good news. I'm really pleased for you!

Congratulations! This is wonderful news!!!

Bless you child. It took me 17 months, and I still feel lucky. I was not diagnosed with fibro yet. I put my check in CDs. That was in 2007, and I still have the money. But by all means get yourself out of debt and happy.

I am so happy for you! Save what you can for those rainy days.

Hi, Congrats, may I ask what state you live in ?

I am so happy for you. I was approved my first time too. It is such a relief to have that burden lifted. Ican picture you in my mind doing the cartwheels you want to be able to do.

Congrats! ^_^

What a great load off your mind! Congrads, you should be happy about this! It's going to make your life a bit easier! :0)

Hi caseysmomy you're lucky to be approved the first time I wasn't I applied for reconsideration a.d was remedy now I'm at the ALJ stage ive hired a lawyer just signed the papers last week it'll be 1 yr before the hearing before a judge its an informal hearing what state do you and did you have a lawyer I'm si glad for you you're very lucky to get it the first time

Congrats to you, and God bless. I was denied recently because I didn't earn enough work credits in the past 10 years, so they automatically switched it to an SSI case. For you now, this will make your life a little sweeter. All the best to you.


I live in Arizona and I had a Lawyer on the case, just in case it was not approved. My attorney did not think it would be approved the first time because of my age. I ended up getting an attorney only because people said that it helps just in case you get denied you have someone working on it right away. I am sorry that you were not approved.

Congrats!! I was approved in 10/2011 but did not get my first check until 5/2012. Check with social security you might be able to collect social security income for the past. I was able to get 6 months back pay on ssi and ssdi. Just remember that big brother is watching. I know my neighbors were contacted by phone and in person. They told me about it, but they already knew I was disabled and could not beleive it took so long for me to get it. I am 40 and was diagnosed with fibro 2 years ago plus all of my health issues.

Hi Caseysmommy,

I understand the conflicting emotions with collecting disability at a young age, but the illness does not discriminate so why should the benefits? I too received my approval about 6 weeks after my 1st application but my medical problem list is long and some of them have been since birth. I was 37 when i began to collect and am still very grateful. But i worked for years, so i paid into the system as i am sure you did.

SO be happy and celebrate...treat yourself. Paying the bills will help with the stress and we all know what stress does for fibro. And of course you do not want to be disabled at this age, but who knows the future

God Bless


I am SO HAPPY for you and I'm pretty sure the less stress should give you some much needed FM relief.

I am in Canada & have a FM friend like 'us' who has tried repeatedly to get disability.....nope. The 'powers that be' won't recognize it as a Disability. Too bad 'those powers' can't walk/limp in OUR shoes for awhile eh?

Bless you..keep strong


Caseysmom, congratulations! Thank God that you no longer have to worry about this aspect of things. What a relief! Maybe you could give us some tips on how you did it?

Thank you and I actually have my first check in the mail right now to me. Yeah- They backpaid me for 5 months because I guess it is a 5 month waiting period. I became disabled technically in September.

I have heard that about Big Brother and not worried at all, I think I said I was better than I actually am when I applied because my fibro was not as bad as it is now. I have sunk down hill since then and I am looking into wanting to get a wheelchair because the pain of just moving around from my room to the bathroom is hard. I am very overweight and I have diabetes too, so things are not good. I finally though had to admit to myself that I could not return to work, and just had to apply. It is a difficult decision. I just wish I would not have had to make it.

Congrads on your approval as well.

I tell that same thing to my husband all the time, because he does not understand what I go through. I stay up very late and into the morning all the time because I am in so much pain I cant sleep or my heart is racing because of anxiety and I cant sleep or restless legs etc. I tell him I would so trade him and work rather than be in my shoes and this body and go through this. He just walks away, People will not understand. They will snub us, and deny us things, and mock and laugh at us, but understand us is something way too far out of their reach.

God Bless

I just gave them all the information they needed. I gave them every doctor I had been too and every emergency room I have attended. Actually they would only need to call the hospital and ask for my name- They all know me on a first name basis with as much as I am in their. They should have a driveup with my name on it. lol. Not really but it seems like that.

I also have copies of my reviews for the last 10 years of my work and they say what a great employee I am and great person with others and they think highly of me but when it comes to my attendence I am out the door. I on average was missing at least two days a week from work this past year in 2011. I had just been at the job for a year in July 12th and by October 22nd (around) I had already used 12 weeks of Fmla and all my sick time and vacation. I felt that was my exit to my career calling loudly my name.

I was very discriminated against at my work place because of my disability and having to be gone alot. I was on intermittent leave as well. People would call me lazy because I could not walk in 110 degree weather and walk a block away from our office to the bank. I would have to drive instead. They would laugh because even though they were cold I was standing up filing paperwork into boxes and sweating like I was under a waterfall. I was teased alot and mocked at. I ended up having a nervous breakdown and was contimplating suicide and was admitted to a phyciatric hospital for a few weeks. I was so stressed out at that point that I could not even call my work and tell them I was not coming in - My boss and Supervisor were also harassing me and discriminating too. I had to have my doctor call them.

I am a little better from that point but I still can not think about some of the problems that the job created for me, and when I think about actually times I still breakdown. NO ONE should ever be treated that way just because they are disabled. They ran me out of that place.

I cant stand for more than about 2-4 minutes because of my fibro and even sitting for too long is very hard for me, as well as sleeping.

Sorry for a long letter here. I love to talk and since I am at home now I love to come here when I can. It is hard at times to type too long, so I come here just before I try to sleep.